About Us

Calculator Bag is an elegant startup that provides its users with hundreds of custom-built calculators. Each of them solves a real-life problem. It may be a tiny or larger one, we have solutions for you, just one click away. That can be shared with millions of people across the globe. Our calculators precisely take seconds to give you a better solution to your mathematical problems in the hour of need.

We are called Calculator Bag for a single reason – our aim is to provide you solutions for all small and big math problems that people deal with on a daily basis.

Moreover, we deal with the problems related to other subjects mainly chemistry and physics. The formulas for the question are pre-installed in the calculator, you merely need to put the values and click on the results button for your solution.

Main purpose behind Calculators Bag

The main purpose behind building such an innovative tool is to provide you rational results, just a click away. In the world full of complications, feelings, and intuitions, we have a multiverse of problems, which can be solved by simple mathematical formulation. the daily problems including the speed of your car from home to office, how long it takes to cover a specified distance, probability of an event to happen or not, buying the products in the market and much more can be covered under this formulation. even you can control your obesity with simple formulas. So bring innovation in your life and use a calculator bag to determine the daily life solutions.

Using the Calculator bag, we allow the user to knock down each and every obstacle coming to their way of the informed decision. It is fun to calculate the issues using the built-in formulation. Simply it is a world where we help people all around the world to get a better solution to their every problem.

Our Vision

We will solve every mathematical or science issues imaginable - for everyone on the planet. Despite solving nearly a million problems every month, we know we have barely smashed the ground yet. There are more people to reach, and more math to be touched. That is why our collection of calculators is continued and new calculators are added every day and will not stop until we respond to all computable needs.

We have blended the former and modern ways, to make an attractive and innovative design of calculators. We have linked simplicity with comprehensiveness and provided the users with a complete app to use. Either you are a student, an athlete, a carpenter, a driver, a professor or a bank manager, you can make use of the calculators using our site.