Exponential Distribution Calculator

What is exponential distribution?

The exponential distribution is the time taken for an event to cover or the time between the events occurring. In simple words, you can say that it is the inverse of the Poisson distribution. Exponential distribution explains the time in which the probability of events elapsing is maximum.

Examples of Exponential Distribution Calculator

We have a common example of exponential distribution in our daily lives. Some of them are as follow:

  • The time-lapse between the bating of a cricket match
  • The total time difference in the occurring of accidents on the motorway
  • The time between two buses to arrive at the same bus stop
  • The time difference in the next cycle of a washing machine
  • The time is taken in arriving the consecutive buyers to the cash counter In short, it is the time between the same events happening in our daily routines.

Exponential Distribution Formula

If you are focused on finding the probability of the time to check if it is greater or less than x, you will use the following formula to get the answer:

P(x>X) = exp(-a*x) P(x≤X) = 1 - exp(-a*x)


  • P(x>X) shows that the probability of x is greater than the indicated or expected value
  • P(x≤X) is the indication that the value of x is less than or equal to the expected value
  • a is the rate parameter of the distribution. You can say it the reciprocal of the Poisson distribution calculator.

Calculator Use

The exponential distribution calculator will allow you to get rid of long and complicated calculations. You can simply put the observed values to get an idea of whether the results are following your expectations or not. By the use of a calculator, you can deal with the time estimation of the happening events. You can also modify the time series according to your will after the estimation.