Impact Force Definition

When two objects or things collide in Physics, it generates a force known as impact force. This force can significantly impact things in a short time. The collision of an object occurs when an unusual thing collapses with a different object.


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Formula of Impact Force

To determine the impact force produced by an object, you can use the formula listed below. Or to find it quickly, you can jump to our free impact force calculator:

F = 2 * m * v / t


F = Impact Force

m = Mass of an objects

v = Velocity of an objects

t = Time taken by an object to collide with each other


To know how to find out the impact force, you can use our Impact Force Calculator.


For a more precise and clear understanding of the concept, let us solve an example below:

Suppose there are two objects, x, and y, traveling with the parallel velocity of 30 m/s, whereas the total volume of both objects is 200 kg. If the time taken by both entities to conflict with each other is 120 sec, then determine the impact force produced by an object.

Given data

Velocity = 30 m/s
Mass = 200kg
Time = 120 sec

To Find

The impact force = ?


To find out the impact force of an object, we will use the formula listed below:

F = 2 * m * v / t

Putting values in the formula:

F = 2 * (200) * (30) / (120) = 100 N