Square Meter Definition

It is a particular unit used to measure the area in Mathematics. A square meter is a unit that is formed when two lengths, which are measured in meters, are multiplied. A length in square meters is represented by writing “m2 just beside the number showing the area.


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For example, if a square has a length of 1 meter for each side, its area will be written as 1 square meter or 1 m2.

Conversion of Square Meter in other Units

Like other units, the Square meter also has other related units. We can convert square meters into those units through multiplication and division. Here are some most used units and the methods of inter-conversion.

Square Inches

It is a small unit of a square meter. To convert the area in this unit, we need to multiply the number by 1550.

Example 1:

Convert 15 square meters into square inches.


To convert this quantity into square inches, we need to multiply 15 by 1550.

15 square meter = 15 x 1550 square inches
= 23250 square inches

Square Kilometer

It is a bigger unit of area measure. To convert a square meter into this unit, we need to divide the number by 1000.

Example 2:

Convert 12000 square meters into square kilometers.


We need to divide 12000 by 1000 for this conversion.

12000 square meters = 12000/1000 square kilometers 
= 12 square kilometer


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Square Feet

To convert the square meters into square feet, we need to multiply the given value by 10.7639.

Example 3:

Convert 5 square meters into square feet.


 1 square meter = 10.7639 square feet
5 square meter = 5 x 10.7639 square feet
= 53.8196 square feet

Significance of Square Meter

It is a part of units to measure lengths and areas of the International System of Units (SI). This system is widely used in the world to set units for different measures in different fields. The square meter is used to measure the area of any shape, field, or object in the world.

It has great importance in Geometry and its related problems. A Mathematician can easily solve many problems related to a specific area through measurements done in this specific unit. Also, this unit is widely used in Physics to solve many general equations and find proof of many equations.


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What is a square meter?

It is a particular unit used to measure the area of any field having lengths in meters.p>

Is a square meter a bigger unit than a square kilometer?

A square kilometer is a bigger unit of a square meter.

Does a square meter belong to SI units?

Yes, square meter belongs to the International System of Units.