Mole Calculator

If you have a substance in kilogram, ounce, or any unit of weight and want to find out the moles present in it, you can use our mole calculator.

A mole is one of the SI units (International System of Units) used to determine the amount of a chemical substance. Whereas, the substance can be an atom, electrons, ions, or molecules. It is better to know the amount of substance present in any chemical reaction in order to balance the reactants and the products. Moreover, According to the standards, one mole of a chemical substance contains 6.02214076×1023 (Avogadro's constant) number of particles. The symbol used to represent mole is mol.


Formula of Mole Calculator

To find out how to calculate the value of a mole, you can use our mole calculator or a formula listed below:

Mole = mass / molecular weight


To calculate mole fraction, you can use our Mole Fraction Calculator.


For a more precise understanding, let us have an example below:

Suppose we have 10g Hydrogen chloride (HCl), and its molecular weight is 36.5 g / mol. Now find out the total number of molecules present in HCl.

Given data

Mass = 10 g
Molecular weight = 36.5 g / mol

To Find

The total number of HCl molecules = ?


We will find the total number of molecules present in HCl using the formula of moles listed above.

Mole = mass / molecular weight

Putting the values, in the above equation we have

Mole = 10 / 36.5 = 0.27 moles = 1.626 * 1023 HCl molecules

How to use the Mole Calculator?

The steps to use the mole calculator are as follows:

Step 1: Enter the value of mass in the first required input.

Step 2: Enter the value of molecular weight in the second required input.

Step 3: The calculator will automatically display an answer on the screen.

Calculator use

To instantly find out the moles present in the substance, use our mole calculator. In order to get the answers, you have to put the values for the mass of the substance and the molecular mass of that substance. Place the values and the answer will be on your screen!