Commission Calculator

If you don't know the amount of commission you will get based on the sales you made, there is nothing to worry about! Our commission calculator will get it for you.

What is Commission?

The amount of money presented to the employees based on their sales is known as commission or sales commission.


It is usually determined from the sale's value percentage. For instance, on sales of $100, a 2% commission will be granted. Here the company will calculate commission value on behalf of the trade done by the employees.

Commission Calculator Formula

To get the commission amount, you can use the formula listed below, or to find it quickly, you can jump to our commission calculator.

Commission amount = sale price x commission in 100% / 100


To clearly understand what the commission is, let's solve some practical examples.


Suppose a company ABC will give 5% of commission on the total sales generated by each team member. The highest sale generated by the team member is $5500. So from the given data, find out the deserving amount of commission for this member.


Let us solve the above problem using the formula we listed above.

Given data

Commission in (%) = 5%
Sales price = $5500

To find

Amount of commission = ?


Commission amount = sale price x commission in 100%/100

Putting values

Commission amount = 5500 x 5 %/100 = 275

The total amount of commission earned by the member who generated the highest sale is $275.

Calculator Use

To instantly find the amount of commission, you can use our commission calculator. Just put the sale and commission (%) values; after that, our calculator will display the answer on the screen.