General sale tax calculator

Suppose you want to find out the gross total. In that case, you have to pay after including the amount of GST ( General Sale Tax), or if you know the Sale tax in percentage and want to get the tax rate value, you have to impose at the product price. Then, you can use our free online General sale tax calculator.

General sale tax calculator Formula

To Find the GST, you have to pay; you can use the formula listed below.


GST amount = gross price - net price


Net price is the amount of product.

Gross price is the total amount of product, including tax.

Or, if you know to GST in %, you can use the formula listed below;

GST amount = net price * tax in %

What is sales tax?

The sales tax or general sales tax is additional charges bear by consumers while buying goods or services. These additional or indirect charges that the consumer pays are collected by the seller and later transferred to the government tax collection authorities.


The amount of sales tax (in %) you have to pay may vary with the product, and the government imposes the price of GST (in %).


For a more precise understanding, let us solve the example below.


Suppose a consumer wants to buy a product with a price of $90 excluding tax, whereas the government has imposed a 10% sales tax on this product, now calculate the amount of GST you have to pay on this product. Solution To find out the GST amount, we will use the formula listed above.

Given data

Product price = $90 Tax in % = 10% = 0.1

To find

Amount of GST=?

GST amount = net price * tax in %

Putting values

GST amount = 90 * 0.1 = $9 

So the GST amount a consumer has to pay is $9, and the total amount a consumer has to pay is $99.

Calculator use

To find out the GST amount you have to pay, you can use our General sale tax calculator. You have to enter the required values, and our free online calculator will display the answer on the screen.