Area of Rectangle Calculator

A rectangle is one of the simplest figures in geometrical Mathematics. You can easily recognize it by having a look. But it may be difficult to solve it and find different measurements like Area, Volume, and Perimeter. Don’t stuck in the area calculation of a rectangle when you have this Area of a rectangle calculator to make this process fast, easy, and accurate.

You can use this maths calculator to get the area of a rectangle for specific measurements within seconds. This tool has a simple interface to follow like inserting input and getting answers.

Rectangle Definition

In Mathematics, Rectangle is a two-dimensional figure with equal lengths of opposite sides. This figure has four sides in total due to which it is also called a quadrilateral with regular sides. In simple words, the two sides of a rectangle have the same lengths which means it has overall two different measurements for its sides.

All angles in the rectangle are 90 degrees i.e sides are perpendicular to each other. Simply, we can say that a shape with opposite sides of equal measures and all angles of 90 degrees is called a rectangle. Like other figures, we can also find the area of rectangle as it covers a specific region. Here we are going to discuss it in the detail.

Area of Rectangle

As a rectangle is a flat figure, it means that it covers a specific region. The region that a figure covers is called its area. So, the area of a rectangle is the flat surface or region that comes under the boundaries of the sides of a rectangle.

The process to find the area of a rectangle is simple because of its regular shape. It can be found by using a simple formula that we will discuss later.

Area of Rectangle Formula

Being two-dimensional, a rectangle has two measurements called length and width. To find the area of a rectangle, we need to multiply the width and length. Here is the formula to follow for finding the area of a rectangle.

Area of a rectangle = Length x Width (sq. units)     

The units of area will always be the square of the concerned given units for the individual measurements. For example, if the measurements are given in meters, the units of meters will be written as “meter2 or m2”. Similarly, we can write units of area according to the units of the measurements.

How to Calculate the Area of Rectangle?

We have discussed the formula earlier to calculate the Area of a rectangle. It is time to learn it properly with the help of an example here. Let’s explore the example to clear the concept.

Example 1:

Find the Area of a rectangle having a length of 10 cm and a width of 15 cm.


As we know,

Area of a Rectangle = Length x Width

= 10 x 15 cm2      
= 150 cm2              

How to use the Area of Rectangle Calculator?

To use this calculator by Calculator’s Bag, you need to follow these steps,

  • Enter the measurement of the length
  • Enter the measurement of width
  • This calculator will automatically calculate the Area of the Rectangle

FAQ | Area of Rectangle

How do you find the area of an irregular rectangle?

A rectangle can’t be irregular as it deviates from the definition of the figure. You can find the area of an irregular shape as per its dimensions.

What are the rules for finding an area?

The rules to find the area of any shape depends on its dimensions. To find the area of a rectangle, you have to multiply the width by its length.

What are the rules about area and perimeter?

The area of any figure is the region covered by a specific figure like a rectangle or square. But the perimeter is the outline of any shape that surrounds the area.

Why is it important to measure perimeter and area?

The measurement of area and perimeter has great importance in the practical field. It is used to solve different problems related to the professional and practical fields.