Pyramid Volume Calculator

A pyramid is one of the most complicated figures in geometrical Mathematics. It requires proficiency in this skill to perform different calculations including area and volume calculations. As it is a three-dimensional figure, that’s why it involves an extra step to find its volume. If you are not proficient in this field, you should use this Pyramid Volume Calculator.

This online handy tool has been designed for this calculation particularly. With the help of this maths calculator, you can easily find the volume of the Pyramid within seconds and with 100% accuracy. You can solve simple as well as complex problems using this advanced calculator.

What is Pyramid Volume?

A pyramid is a three-dimensional figure that has triangular dimensions from all sides. The volume of a pyramid is the region or area that comes under its boundaries. As it belongs to three dimensions, so, it covers length, width, and height in that region.

We can also say that the volume of a pyramid is the region that comes under its boundaries in all three dimensions. To find this measurement, we need to find the base and height of the figure. Like other volume measurements, it must be calculated in cubic units. For example, if we are given lengths in meters, the volume of that pyramid must be in cubic meters

How to calculate Pyramid Volume?

To learn the method of pyramid volume calculation, you first need to learn the formula used for it. The formula for pyramid volume calculation keeps varying with the sides involved or the shape of the figure. In simple words, the formula for Triangular pyramid volume is different from square pyramid volume.

For the sake of your understanding, we have written the formula related to triangular pyramid volume here and solved an example too.

Triangular Pyramid Volume = √3/12 a2 h	


  • “a” represents the base measurement of the pyramid
  • “h” represents the height of the pyramid that is measured from base to top corner perpendicular.

Here we have solved an example related to this problem that you can follow for learning how to find the volume of a pyramid.

Example 1:

Find the triangular pyramid volume having a base length equal to 7m and a height equal to 12m.


As we know, By dividing, we get the following factors,

Volume of a Pyramid = √3/12 a2 h	


= √3/12 (7)2 (12)	
= 84.9 sq. meter	

How to use Pyramid Volume Calculator?

Using the pyramid volume calculator isn’t difficult when you have this online tool by Calculator’s Bag. You can use this tool using the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Choose the type of Pyramid first
  • Insert the length of the base and choose its unit
  • Insert the measurement of height and choose its unit
  • This calculator will automatically show you a measurement of the volume of that pyramid.

FAQ | Pyramid Volume Calculator

How does the pyramid volume calculator work?

This pyramid volume calculator has an advanced and pre-programmed algorithm using which it performs the calculation using the formula.

What are the different types of pyramids that can be used with the pyramid volume calculator?

You can solve problems related to triangular pyramids, square pyramids, pentagon pyramids, and all others

Can the pyramid volume calculator be used for other 3-dimensional shapes?

Yes, it has been designed for three-dimensional shapes.

How accurate is the pyramid volume calculator?

This pyramid volume calculator has an advanced algorithm with which it will provide you 100% accurate answers.

Is the pyramid volume calculator suitable for use in engineering and construction projects?

Yes, if you have a problem related to volume calculation, you can use this calculator. It will make your work easier and more accurate at the same time.

Why is 1/3 used to find the volume of a pyramid?

Because a pyramid is a three-dimensional shape and the volume is also a three-dimensional quantity, that’s why 1/3 is used to find its volume.