​Heron’s Formula Calculator

Heron’s formula or the Hero formula is used for calculating the area of the three sides of a triangle.  If you are finding trouble calculating the area of a triangle, you can make use of this equation.

The methodology was first mentioned by Heron (Hero of Alexandria) in his book Metrica. It was a collection of formulas for volume calculations for a number of objects. He introduced the formula for the first time in ca.60 AD.


Formula of ​Heron’s Formula Calculator

\(A = \sqrt{s(s - a)(s - b)(s - c)}\)


s = perimeter

You can find the perimeter using the following equation:

\(S = \frac{{a + b + c}}{2}\)


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How to use ​Heron’s Formula Calculator?

While using the calculator, make sure that you have correctly selected the units. Afterward, you have to put the values for all three sides of the triangle.

You will get the answer in no time! The answer will be in the same units, you selected before! Besides, you can use this calculator to find the missing values on one side of the triangle. For this, you must know the values of the two sides and the area of the triangle and you are all done!