Instantaneous Velocity Calculator

Instantaneous Velocity is the average rate of change of position of a body for a very small interval of time.

In other words,

What is Instantaneous Velocity?

The velocity of an object under motion at a specific point of time is called the Instantaneous Velocity.

Instantaneous Velocity Calculator Formula

To calculate instantaneous velocity, the suggested formula is:

\[\mathop V\nolimits_i = \mathop {\lim }\nolimits_{\Delta t \to 0} \frac{{ds}}{{dt}}\]


"Δt" is the smallest interval of the time
"Vi"  is the instantaneous velocity
"t" is the time of object moving
"s" is the total displacement covered by the object

Another way to calculate the instantaneous velocity is

\[\mathop V\nolimits_i = \mathop V\nolimits_0 + T*a\]


"Vt" is the instantaneous velocity
"V0" is the initial velocity
"T" is time
"a" is the acceleration

Unit of instantaneous velocity:

The SI unit for instantaneous velocity is a meter/sec. You can cover both by the distance-time graph to calculate the exact values.

Calculator Use

Calculating instantaneous velocity manually can prove to be hectic and needs long calculations. The aim of the calculator is to defend you from messy calculations. You just need to put the initial and final velocities and periods of the moving object.