​RC Circuit Calculator

What is ​RC Circuit?

The combination of a pure capacitance C in Farads and pure resistance R in ohms is called an RC circuit.

A circuit in which resistance and capacitance are connected together in a series is called an RC series circuit.

RC Circuit is known as the resistor-capacitor circuit. It is also a basic electrical circuit in which resistance R of the resistor is connected in a series with the capacitor of a capacitance C.

Types of RC Circuits Calculator

There are two types of RC Circuits

  • Charging RC Circuit
  • Discharging RC Circuit

What is charging RC Circuit?

A charging RC circuit consists of:

  • A partially charged or completely uncharged capacitor
  • A resistor
  • A DC current source

What is discharging RC Circuit?

A discharging RC circuit consists of:

  • A fully charged or partially charged capacitor
  • A resistor


F = 1 / (2π*R*C)


R is the resistance of the resistor in Ω
C is the capacitance of the capacitor in Farads
F is the frequency in hertz

Example for RC Circuit

If we have capacitance is 13F and resistance is 8Ω then calculate the frequency of an RC Circuit.

Given data

Capacitance = 13F
Resistance = 8 Ω
Frequency =?


F = 1 / (2*3.14*13*8)
Frequency = 0.0015303 Hz

Use of RC Circuit Calculator

With the help of our RC Circuit calculator, you can find frequency easily by putting the values of capacitance and resistance.