​Relative Standard Deviation Calculator

The Relative standard deviation represents how the various amounts of a specific data set are dispersed near/around the mean.

If the output reaches a more significant relative standard deviation, it indicates that various appropriate data sets spread widely of its mean. If the output reaches lower, then the numbers of data sets are nearer than its average. It is also known as variation's coefficient/coefficient of variation.

In some instances, the variation's coefficient/coefficient of variation and the RSD (Relative Standard Deviation) is identical/equal. The Relative Standard Deviation could not be negative, despite the fact that the Coefficient of Variation could be positive and negative. It happens because it varies in a minor way: RSD (Relative Standard Deviation) is divided by the mean's absolute value. In contrast, the Coefficient of Variation is divided by its mean only.


Formula of ​Relative Standard Deviation Calculator

In mathematical form, RSD (Relative Standard Deviation) is denoted as:

RSD = (100 * s) / |x̄|


RSD = Relative Standard Deviation

s = Standard Deviation

x = Mean of data


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Let's look at an example for a better understanding,

Let's suppose the result scored by four students in the mathematics test is 60, 98, 65, 85.

Now from the above-given data, let's find  RSD (Relative Standard Deviation)


Let's find the mean first from the above-given data,

Now we are finally going to use the formula of RSD (Relative Standard Deviation),

RSD = (100 * s) / |x̄|

Putting values in the formula:

RSD = (17.66 * 100) / 77
RSD = 22.93%

How to use ​Relative Standard Deviation Calculator?

The steps to use ​a relative standard deviation calculator are as follows:

Step 1: Enter the value of the mean in the first required input.

Step 2: Enter the value of standard deviation in the second required input.

Step 3: The calculator will automatically display an answer on the screen.

Calculator use

To spontaneously determine RSD (Relative Standard Deviation), you can use this Calculator by adding the values in it; the resultant solution will emerge on the screen. This Calculator will get the prescribed answer to your queries. To resolve complicated questions, this Calculator is programmed for you.