Force Definition

In physics, force is defined as an interaction among two or more objects that causes velocity change in them. Whenever an object is pulled or pushed there is a force acting upon them. However, the objects will not experience the more extended force if the exchange stops. In mathematical form, Force is defined as the product of mass into acceleration, where acceleration is the change in velocity over a specific time. In addition to this, the symbol used to represent force is F, and the SI unit to represent the force is Newton. There are various types of force that can be classified: nuclear force, impact force, centrifugal force, electromagnetic force, gravitational force, etc.


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Formula of Force

To instantly determine the force generated by an object, you can use the formula listed below:

F = m × a


F = Force

m = Mass of an object (on which force is applied)

a = Acceleration of an object due to force


If you want to calculate force, you can use our Force Calculator.


For a more precise and clear understanding of the concept, let us solve an example below:

Suppose if a car weighting 1000kg, then find out the net force required to accelerate the car at the velocity of 4 m/s2.

Given data

Acceleration = a = 4.00 m/s2
Mass = m = 1000 kg

To Find

Force required to move an object = ?


To find out the force required to move an object, we will use the formula listed below:

F = m × a

Putting values in the formula:

F = 1000 × 4 = 4000 N