Max Heart Rate Calculator

Now check out the fastest heart rate you can gain while running or doing several exercises without feeling any health issue using the max heart rate calculator.

Study the article below to get what target heart rate you should have, calculate your pulse rate, and learn numerous formulas for getting it.

What is Max Heart rate?

The top heart rate, achieved by a body while doing any workout without encountering any health concern, is known as the maximum heart rate.


It usually diminishes with lifespan, and every person's max heart rate may vary from each other. That is why the most precise manner of calculating it is the cardiac stress test. But this method demands tremendous expense, and for every individual, it is impossible to bear it. Therefore, we gathered various mathematical formulas that you can use generally.

Maximum Heart Rate Calculator Formulas

Calaculatorsbag opt-out the most relevant and verified equations equation and formulas that are generally used in the max heart rate calculation

By Haskell & Fox :

HRmax = Max heart rate = 220 − age

It the most generally accepted max heart rate formula.

By Inbar :

HRmax = Max heart rate = 205.8 − (0.685 × age)

By Nes :

HRmax = Max heart rate = 211 − (0.64 × age)

By Oakland nonlinear :

HRmax = Max heart rate = 192 − (0.007 × age²)

By Tanaka, Monahan, & Seals :

HRmax = Max heart rate = 208 − (0.7 × age)


For better understanding, let's have a practical example;
Suppose we have a 38 years old man, then determine the max heart rate using Haskell & Fox's formula.

Given data

Age = 38 years

To find

max heart rate using Haskell & Fox's formula =?

HRmax = 220 − age

Putting values

HRmax = 220 − age= 220 − 38= 182

This 38 years old man can have a maximum of 182 beats/minute.

Calculator Use

To spontaneously determine your body's maximum heartbeat rate, you can use the Max Heart rate Calculator by adding your age value to it; the final and precise answer will emerge on the screen.