RFM (Relative Fat Mass) Calculator

Fat is a vital part of the human body. It stores energy, helps regulate hormones, and supports essential organs. This RFM calculator will discuss everything you need to know about body fat, including how to measure and reduce it.

This health and fitness calculator will cover the Relative Fat Mass (RFM) with formula and example. So whether you are trying to lose weight or want to understand more about body fat, this content covers all for you!


What is RFM?


RFM stands for Relative Fat Mass. It is the simplest and fastest way to calculate the body's fat percentage using height and waist only.

 What are body fats?

 In biological terms, body fats are known as adipose tissue. It is the imperative element of the human body, mainly used to store the energy taken from food. Moreover, It also plays a vital role in producing adrenaline (like leptin) and preserving intestinal organs. However, The body fat percentage may vary according to age, diet, and gender.


RFM Formula


To calculate the body fat mass using RFM, you can apply it to the formula listed below; It may vary for both males and females.

For male

RFM = 76 - (20 *(height / waist))

For female

RFM = 76 - (20 *(height / waist))

Relative Fat Mass | Example


To clear the concept of RFM, let us perform a practical example.

Suppose a boy has a height of 5.7 ft and a waist of 34 inches; then calculate the fat percentage his body contains using the RFM method.


Given data

Height = 5.7 ft = 173.736 cm
Waist = 34 in = 86.36 cm

To Find

Body fat (%) using RFM = ?




For male : RFM = 64 - (20 * height / WC)

Putting values in the above equation

RFM = 64 - (20 * 173.736 / 86.36) = 24%


A Relative Fat Mass his body contains is 24%.

How to calculate RFM?


The steps to use the RFM calculator are as follows:


Step 1: Select the type from the required dropdown.

Step 2: Enter the value of height in the required input.

Step 3: Enter the value of waist in the required input.

Step 4: The calculator will automatically display an answer on the screen.

Use of RFM Calculator

To get your body fat percentage using RFM Calculator, you must put your body's height and waist. After that, the result will appear on the screen in a few moments ( in %) at the caluclatorsbag.

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