Lean Body Mass Calculator

Everyone desires to have a fat-free & slim body, but how do you know how much weight you will lose by losing fats? To calculate your body's mass with zero fat, you can use the Lean Body Mass Calculator.

What is the lean body mass Calculator?

The weight your body contains, excluding your fat's weight, is known as lean body mass. Everything else in a body with no fat but has weight. Like all the osseins, muscles, glands, organs, skin, and blood is included in the lean body.

If you are struggling with losing weight, then calculating the lean body is essential.

By observing your LBM ( Lean Body Mass), you can find to what extent you are dropping your muscle. Because only losing muscles means you aren't taking a healthy diet. Calculating your LMB also helps you maintain the fat ratio in your body.

What is the Boer formula?

There are various equations to obtain LBM, and they differ for men and women. However, we will use the most common and most accurate LMS formula driven by Sir Boer...That is why it is also known as the Boer formula.

For Men

LBM = 0.407
weight + 0.267 * height - 19.2

For Women

LBM = 0.252 * weight + 0.473 * height - 48.3


Unit of Lean Body Mass:

The unit used for weight is Kg and for height is cm.

But, it will get more straightforward if you already know about your fat concentration (%). By using the simple formula, you can get your precise Lean Body Mass.

LBM = weight of the body - (Weight of the body * Body Fat %)

Example of calculating LBM

For a more transparent and precise understanding, let's have an example below;

Suppose a man, having

weight = 50kg 
height = 165cm.

Find the lean body mass of this man.


To find the LBM, we will use the Boer formula;

Given data

Weight=50 kg
xHeight=165 cm

To find

Lean Body Mass = LBM = ?
LBM [Men] = 0.407 * weight + 0.267 * height - 19.2

Putting values

LBM [Men] = 0.407 * 50 + 0.267 * 165- 19.2 = 45.205

So the LBM of this man is approximately equaled to 45kg.

Calculator use

The Lean Body Mass Calculator can use to find the weight without fat instantly. The resultant and prescribed answer will appear on the screen.