Adding Decimals Calculator

The process to implement basic Mathematical operations on decimals is a little hard for students as compared to simple digits or integers. For many students, it is confusing to add decimals and find the right final answer. It is because a decimal has two parts that need to be added separately with great care.

To make the process easy and fast, Adding a Decimals Calculator is the best approach. This math calculator can help you in finding the addition of two decimals with any decimal and whole portion. It doesn’t matter whether you want to add complex decimals or simple decimals, it will give you an answer to the addition quickly. Isn’t it a helpful tool for Mathematics students?

Decimal Definition?

In Mathematics, some numbers are made by combining integers and fractions. Those numbers are called Decimal Numbers. This specific set of numbers is represented by putting a dot (.) between the whole and the fractional part.

For example, 3.145 is a decimal with “3” as the whole part and “145” as the fractional part. You can add decimals using a simple method. Let us tell you here how to do this

What is meant by adding decimals?

The addition of decimals is just like the addition of whole numbers. You can add decimals in the same way you do this for whole numbers. The only thing that should be kept in mind is you have to add the decimal part of the decimals first and then add the whole part.

To add decimals, you need to follow these steps.

  • Write the numbers with decimal points in the same position
  • Start adding from the right digit
  • Keep moving until you have reached the last digit on the left side

Doesn’t matter whether you do this manually or use adding decimals calculator, the process of addition remains the same.

Example | How to add Decimals?

Let us explain the addition of decimals with examples.

Example 1:

Add the following two decimals: 3.1786 and 12.953.


To find the addition of these decimals, we need to start from the left side. As we can see the first decimal has 4 digits on the right side while the second one has only three.

So, the fourth digit will be added to “0”. Similarly, the second decimal has two digits on the left side of the decimal while the other one has only 1. That’s why the second digit will be added to “0” or the carrier of the summation if it is available.

By adding these decimals, we have found the following final answer.

= 16.1316

How to use adding decimals calculator?

It is simple to use this adding decimals calculator offered by Calculators Bag. You need to follow these steps to accomplish this task.

  • Add the first decimal
  • Enter the second decimal
  • Get a preview of the answer
  • Click on the Copy button to get the answer to the addition of both decimals

FAQs | Adding Decimals Calculator

Is adding decimals easy?

Adding decimals is a little complex process as compared to the addition of integers. But overall it is an easy process to add decimals.

What are the four rules of decimals?

The four rules of decimals are four basic Mathematical operators i.e. Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.

What is a decimal formula?

It is a formula that shows the relationship between a multiple of 10 and the number of digits after the decimal point. This formula indicates which multiple of 10 will be in the denominator to get that particular decimal.

What is the first step while adding decimals?

The first step is to arrange the numbers properly by placing their decimals in the same position. After this placement, you can start adding from the right-most digit of both decimals.