Adding Negative Calculator

Normally, addiction is considered a basic mathematical operation for positive numbers. Do you know, you can also add negative numbers together? Isn’t it a different thing to know? Many students feel hard or even don’t know how to add two or more negative numbers. It is because the negative might have an opposite concept in their minds to the positive or addition.

If you also feel it is hard, you should use an adding negative numbers calculator. This calculator can help you in adding as many negative numbers as you want. It is a useful math calculator for Mathematics students of all levels because it simplifies the process to add different negative numbers. Do you want to know about this adding negative calculator or learn about this process of addition? Let&rsquo's read here in detail.

Adding Negative Numbers

As mentioned earlier, it might be a new thing for students to learn about the addition of negative numbers. It is because they think the possible type of addition is positive numbers and don’t know the way of adding negative numbers. To learn how to do this, you should first need to know what are negative numbers.

Negative numbers are all those numbers that have a negative sign just before the actual number. It means that these numbers have a negative sign written on the left side of the number.

For students, it is difficult to understand this addition type as adding has a positive sign while these numbers have a negative sign. That&rsquo's why it is difficult for students to learn the process of adding negative numbers. Here are some steps that every student has to follow while adding negative numbers.

  • Write the given numbers
  • Forget about the sign
  • Add the numbers
  • Put the negative sign again with the answer

It is the simplest way to add different negative numbers. A tool like adding a negative calculator also follows this method at the backend and shows the output only.

Examples of Adding Negative Numbers

To let you understand the process properly, we have solved a few examples here.

Example 1:

Add -6 with -7 to find the output.


As mentioned above, we need to add the numbers by forgetting their signs. So, let us write the numbers without the signs. The above numbers will become:

6, 7

Now, let us add these numbers.

6 + 7 = 13

In the end, we only need to put the negative sign with the answer of addition.

= -13

So, the final answer to this addition of negative numbers is -13.

Example 2:

Find the addition of -12 and -51.


By using the above steps, the numbers will become.

12, 51

Now, let us add these numbers.

6 + 7 = 13

Let us now add these numbers:

12 + 51 = 63

As the numbers are negative, so we need to add a negative sign to the final output.

= -63 

So, the final output of adding negative numbers given above is -63.

How to use Adding Negative Calculator?

The negative adding calculator by Calculator’s Bag is designed with a simple interface. You can easily understand its works and use it to find the addition of as many negative numbers as you want. Here are the steps that need to be followed for adding negative numbers.

  • Add the first negative number
  • Put the second negative number in the given box
  • The calculator will automatically add the numbers and give the result

FAQs | Adding Negative Calculator

How do you add negative numbers on a calculator?

To add negative numbers on a calculator, you need to put brackets around the numbers and their negative signs. You need to put a sign of addition between those brackets.

Why do 2 negatives make a positive?

When 2 negatives are added, the numbers will be added while the sign of negativity will remain with the final result.

Why do 2 negatives make a positive?

The addition of 2 negatives will remain negative while the numbers will be added. But if two negatives are multiplied, the final result will come with a positive sign.

What are the rules of negative and positive numbers?

The rules for negative and positive numbers will keep changing with conditions. But the most basic rule is the positive number will always be greater than 0 and the negative number will always be smaller than 0.

What is the symbol of negative in the calculator?

To show a number in the negative category, we need to put a sign “-” just before the number.