Adding Percentage Calculator

The addition of numbers or integers is something different from adding percentages. Many students struggle with this process as they think they have to convert percentages to numbers first. Don’t worry if you find this addition process difficult as we have made Adding Percentage Calculator here.

This online calculator will allow you to add two percentages quickly without adopting a manual method. You don’t need to have a great experience for using this Math Calculator as it has a simple interface. Just enter the given percentages and get the final output quickly. Are you curious to know about this handy online too? Keep reading as we have wrapped the complete information about it.

Percentage Definition

In Mathematics, a Percentage is a specific term used to represent a number as the fraction of 100. It is right to say that it is a way to show a number as part of the total value i.e. 100. A percentage is also considered a dimensionless number as we don’t get a specific unit for it.

To show a number in this form, we need to put “%” this symbol just after the number. For example, if you want to show 20 as the percentage, it will be written as 20%.

What is adding percentages?

Like numbers, we can also add percentages but in two different ways. The simplest approach for adding percentages is by using our adding percentage calculator. You can also add percentages in a different way but it might be difficult as you have to convert percentages into numbers first.

How to add two percentages?

To let you understand the manual way of adding percentages, let us share a few steps here with you.

  • Write the given numbers
  • Convert the given percentages into decimals by dividing by 100
  • Add the decimals
  • Now, convert the decimal into a percentage by multiplying with 100

This is how you can add two or more percentages without using an adding percentage calculator.

Examples of Adding Percentage

Example 1:

Add 10% and 40%.


AFirst of all, we need to convert the percentages into decimals by dividing by 100.

10/100 = 0.1


 40/100 = 0.4

Now, we need to add decimals.

0.1 + 0.4 = 0.5

Let’s convert to percentage now,

0.5 x 100 = 50%

How to use Adding Percentage Calculator?

To make the process of adding percentages, Calculator’s Bag has a fine tool for its users. You can use this tool by following these steps.

  • Enter the first percentage
  • Enter the second percentage
  • The tool will automatically show you the answer after the insertion of the second percentage

To add multiple percentages, you can use this tool multiple times. You only have to click on the “Reset” button to get the starting preview of the calculator.

FAQ | Adding Percentage Calculator

How do you calculate adding percentages?

To add percentages, we need to convert them into decimals first. After the addition of decimals, we have to convert the final answer to a percentage again. You can also use an adding percentage calculator for this purpose.

Can 2 percentages be added?

Yes, we can add as many percentages as we need by following simple steps like conversion into decimals, the addition of decimals, and then conversion of a decimal to a percentage.

How do you add or subtract percentages?

To add or subtract percentages, we need to convert them first into decimals.