Arc Length Calculator

Splitting a circle or a circular path can help students in solving different problems related to this geometrical figure. One of the most important terms used in this regard is the arc length that belongs to a circular path. Finding this length can be an easy task if you are using this arc length calculator and learning it in a proper way.

Sometimes, you may be unable to understand this length because of its curved nature. This maths calculator can help you in finding this length within seconds. You only need to insert the given input data in this online tool to get the answer. Wanna use it to learn about this method? Keep reading because we will show you how to use this calculator for arc length calculation in detail.

What is Arc Length?

An arc is a particular section or part of the circumference of the circle. We all know that a circle is the combination of multiple points having a fixed distance from a specific point called the radius. When multiple points are joined, the round boundary of a circle is formed.

A specific part of that boundary is called the arc of that circle. It is formed by joining two point from the circumference with the radius of the circle. The lines drawn from the radius will make an angle at the point of intersection that is involved in the calculation of the arc length. Normally, the arc length is represented by the symbol “l”.

Arc Length Formula

To find the arc length of any specific circle, you should know the radius of that circle and the angle made by the lines making an arc on the circumference. If you have both of these measurements, you can follow this formula to find the arc length.

Arc Length (l) = Radius (r) x Angle (𝜽)	

While finding this length, you have to keep the following two points in your mind.

  • The unit of arc length will be the same as the radius of the circle.
  • The angle must be measured in radians. If it is given in degrees, you need to convert it into radians first.

How to find the arc length?

By reading the above formula and related points, you may have got an idea of how to find the arc length. For your better understanding, let us share a solved example here.

Example 1:

Find the measure of arc length if the radius of the circle is 13 meters and the angle is 45 radians.


As we know,

l = r x 𝜽	

We have to put the values in the formula.

l = 13 x 45 meters	 
= 26 m	  

How to use an arc length calculator?

You aren’t lucky always to get simple values to find the arc length as done earlier. You may get complex values to deal with. If you are unable to solve such questions, get assistance from this tool by Calculator’s Bag. It can show you the measure of arc length just with the insertion of the required data. it.

  • Put the measure of an angle and choose its unit
  • Write the measure of radius and choose its unit
  • This calculator will automatically show you the measure of arc length for that specific circle.

FAQ | Arc Length

What is the arc length formula?

The formula for finding an arc length is given by,

l = r x 𝜽	  

How do you find arc length without the radius?

In a simple approach, it is impossible to do so because we can’t make an arc without a radius. But if we have been given the measure of diameter, we need to first divide it by “2” to get the measure for radius.

How do you find arc length using radians?

The process is simple because we only have to multiply the measure of the radius with the measure of an angle given in radians.

Does arc length have to be in radians?

No, arc length is a specific length measurement. The unit for arc length must be the same as the unit of the radius.

How to find arc length?

To find an arc length, you only have to multiply the measure of the radius by the measure of the angle made between two radius lengths making an arc.