Area of a Hexagon Calculator

Hexagon is one of the most complex geometrical figures in mathematics with multiple sides. It makes the task to calculate its area harder for almost every student. The reason is students, like you, might be confused about its different sides. Do you want to make this calculation easier and faster?

If your answer is yes, you are on the right page to learn about it. To calculate the area of a hexagon, you should need to use this calculator. It will help you accurately find the area of this figure without taking much time. You should use this area of a hexagon calculator to complete your assignments without mistakes.

What is the Area Of A Hexagon?

The area of a hexagon is the region or space that comes under the boundaries of a specific figure. A hexagon is a six-sided closed figure that expands in 2 dimensions only. The measures of all sides of this specific figure are equal.

It means that this figure is regular in a manner with the same measures for all its lengths. As it has six sides, so, it has 6 angles too where all connecting points join with each other. The overall internal angle of this specific figure is 720 degrees.

How to calculate the area Of A Hexagon?

To calculate the area of a hexagon, you have to use a specific formula given below. Just read and understand it to learn how to complete this task.

Area of a hexagon = 3√3/2 ✖ a2 square units	

Here, “a” represents the length of any side of this figure. Keep in mind the units of the area of a hexagon will be square of the units of the measurements. For example, if we get the measurement in “meters”, the units for the area of the hexagon will be "meter2 or m2".

To let you understand properly, we have solved an example here.

Example 1:

Find the area of a hexagon if the measure of its side is 5 cm.


To find the area of a hexagon, we have to put the values in the following formula.

Area of a hexagon = 3√3/2 ✖ a2 square units	
= 3√3/2 ✖ (5)2 cm2	 
= 64.95 cm2	 

How to Use the Area Of A Hexagon Calculator?

If you don’t want to invest much time to find the area of a hexagon, you should use this maths calculator by Calculator’s Bag. It is a simple tool that can be used by anyone.

  • Write the measure of the side of the hexagon in the input box.
  • This calculator will automatically show you the area of that hexagon.
  • It will also show you parameters including long diagonal, short diagonal, and perimeter.

FAQ | Area Of A Hexagon

How many sides does a hexagon have?

A hexagon has 6 sides.

How to find the area of a hexagon?

To find the area of a hexagon, you have to use the following formula.

Area of a hexagon = 3√3/2 ✖ a2 	 

How many degrees are in a hexagon?

In a hexagon, the sum of all angles is 720 degrees.

How to draw a hexagon?

To draw a hexagon, you should first draw a circle. Then, pick a compass and stretch it to the size of a radius. Start making cuts on the circumference of the circle using that compass. In the end, join those cuts and remove the boundaries of the circle to get a hexagon.

What is the area and volume of the hexagon?

The area and volume of a hexagon are given by:

Area of a hexagon = 3√3/2 ✖ a2 	 
Volume of a hexagon = 3√3/2 ✖ a2h	 

Keep in mind that the volume of a hexagon is only calculated if it spreads in three dimensions and has a specific height.

How do you divide a hexagon into 6 equal parts?

We can divide the hexagon into 6 equal parts by joining the opposite corners of its sides.