Area of Trapezoid Calculator

A trapezoid is one of those figures in Geometry that are complex to solve. It is not easy to find the Area, Perimeter, and other measurements of this specific figure. No doubt, a Trapezoid has four sides like a rectangle but the measurements of angles and sides are different. That’s why it is not an easy task to find the Area of this specific figure.

But you can make the process of area calculation easy and quick by using the Area of a Trapezoid Calculator. With the help of this calculator, you can easily get the answer to the area of any trapezoid with any measurements of its sides and angles. You don’t need to be experienced in the field of Geometry to use this Maths Calculator.

What is Trapezoid?

It is a particular type of quadrilateral that has 4 sides with two sides parallel to each other. A trapezoid looks like a rectangle but it is not a rectangle because the measurements of parallel sides are not equal. Also, the angles of a trapezoid are not equal as in other regular quadrilaterals including squares and rectangles.


In Mathematics, there are three major terms used related to Trapezoid. Here are those terms:

  • Base::The horizontal sides of a trapezoid that are parallel to each other are called Bases.
  • Legs: The vertical sides of a trapezoid are called its legs.
  • Height::The length of the line that is drawn perpendicular to the base and connecting both bases is called its height.

Keep in mind that the sum of the internal angles of a Trapezoid is equal to 360 degrees. But the measurement of angles individually is not equal to each other. So, we can say that the sum of all four (different) angles in this figure is 360 degrees.

What is the Area of the Trapezoid?

In general, the Area of the Trapezoid is the region that is surrounded by its legs and bases. The measurements of these sides will be used in the calculation of the area of the Trapezoid. So, it is good if you know about its sides or know how to find the lengths of different sides of a Trapezoid.

How to calculate the Area of the Trapezoid?

To calculate the Area of a Trapezoid, you need to follow a specific formula as you do for the area measurement of other figures. Here is the formula that you should use while finding the Area of the Trapezoid.

                                Area of a Trapezoid = (a + b)/2 * h

In the above formula,

  • a” is the measurement of the first base of the Trapezoid.
  • b” is the measurement of the second base of the Trapezoid.
  • h” is the height of the trapezoid.

To find the Area of a Trapezoid, you only have to insert the values in the given formula. The only thing that you have to keep in your mind is to follow the basic principles of Mathematics for this calculation.

Trapezoid’s Area Example

To make the method to find the Area of a Trapezoid, we have solved an example for you.

Example 1:

Find the Area of a trapezoid if the measurements of its bases are 3cm and 7 cm while the measurement of height is 10 cm.


To find the Area, we only need to insert the values in the above-mentioned formula.

                            Area = (3 + 7)/2 * 10    
                                 = (10)/2 * 10
                                 = 5 * 10 
                                 = 50 cm2

How to use the area of the trapezoid calculator?

This calculator by Calculator’s Bag is the best choice if you don’t have time or are worried about how to find the Area of the Trapezoid. Here are the steps you need to follow in this regard,

  • Choose the units for measurement
  • Enter the value of the first base
  • Enter the value of the second base
  • Enter the value of the height of the Trapezoid
  • The calculator will automatically find and display the area measurement using your inserted data

FAQ | Area of Trapezoid

How to find the area of a Trapezoid?

To find the Area of a Trapezoid, you have to know the measurements of its bases and height. Here is the formula to use to find the Area,

                                Area = (a + b)/2 * h

What is the formula for the area of the trapezoid?

To find the Area of a Trapezoid, you should use the following formula.

                                Area = (a + b)/2 * h

How is a trapezoid different from other quadrilaterals?

A trapezoid is different from other quadrilaterals in terms of sides and angle measurements. It is not a regular figure or type of quadrilateral.