Arithmetic Mean Calculator

Finding the average of the given set of numbers is a simple task as you have to add numbers and divide them. In Mathematics, it is a common task to perform because average/mean has great importance. But the main problem comes when the given data is not organized well.

The best approach to finding the mean of irregular data is using an Arithmetic Mean Calculator. This online tool can find the mean of multiple numbers within seconds without consideration of arrangement. The designing of this maths calculator has been done to perform this calculation for any set of numbers. It means you only need to insert data and get the Arithmetic Mean of it within seconds.

What is the Arithmetic Mean?

Arithmetic Mean is a specific way to find the average or mean of the given numbers. In Mathematics and Statistics, this term has great importance as it gives the measure of central tendency.

The mean of the given data gives detailed information about the dataset. By finding Arithmetic Mean, you can get clear information about the given numbers. In Mathematics, the mean or arithmetic mean is shown by putting a bar just above the “X”.

Arithmetic Mean Formula

Like other measurements, Arithmetic Mean can also be measured by using a formula. Here is the formula to calculate the mean of the given numbers.

Arithmetic Mean = x1 + x2 + x3 + .....+ xn/n	

The terms in the numerator denote the given numbers and the “n” in the denominator shows the total number of the given terms. Doesn’t matter whether you do this calculation manually or with the help of the Arithmetic Mean Calculator, the formula remains the same.

How to calculate the Arithmetic Mean?

To calculate the Arithmetic Mean of the given numbers, you only have to add all given numbers and divide them by the total number of terms. Let us show you an example to understand how to find Arithmetic Mean.

Example 1:

Find the Arithmetic Mean of 3, 12, 16, 17, and 23.


To find the Arithmetic Mean, we need to add all these numbers first. So,

= 3 + 11 + 16 + 17 +23		
= 70	  

Now, we need to divide the summation by the total number of terms as per the formula.

= 70 / 5	  
= 14	   

Using these simple steps, you can find the mean of as many numbers as you want.

How to use the Arithmetic Mean Calculator?

To use this calculator offered by Calculator’s Bag, you only need to follow these steps.

  • Write all numbers (separated by commas) in the given input box
  • The calculator will automatically show the average of the numbers you have entered

FAQ | Arithmetic Mean Calculator

Why is the arithmetic mean important?

Arithmetic Mean is important in Mathematics and Statistics as it gives information about the dataset. It gives the central value of the data that has great importance in the extended study of these subjects.

What are the limitations of arithmetic mean?

This type of average shows inappropriate results at extreme values. It isn’t possible to find the mean of Ratios and Percentages using this approach.

How do you find the arithmetic mean?

To find Arithmetic Mean, we need to add all numbers and divide the summation by the number of terms.

What is the main purpose of arithmetic?

The main purpose of Arithmetic (a branch of Mathematics) is to study different operations implemented on numbers.

What is the arithmetic mean of 12 and 1200?

The arithmetic of 12 and 1200 is 606