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Converting units of measurement, especially lengths, is the must-have task for every Mathematician. A student can easily perform simple conversions like meters to centimeters and kilometers to meters. But it is not easy to perform this conversion when it comes to units like Centimeters to Kilometers.

It is because these units have a standard SI unit in between their levels. That is why many students make mistakes and perform wrong calculations. To keep your work clean from errors, it is good to use an online tool like Cm to Km Calculator. This handy online tool can perform this calculation with its pre-programmed algorithm within seconds..

But it is also important to know about these units and their method of conversion to understand how this maths calculator works. Let’s get started and read about it in detail here.

What are Centimeters?

Like other units of length, a centimeter is also a smaller unit of length that is mainly used while measuring the lengths of small objects, lines on paper, and a few others. It is not used for measuring the length of a long path because of its small nature. To show a measurement in Centimeters, we have to put “cm” just on the right side of the number.

The base of this particular unit is the basic SI unit called the Meter. That’s why we can also define a centimeter in terms of meters. “A centimeter is the 100th part of a meter i.e. 1/100 meter”. If one meter is divided into 100 parts, every part will be called a centimeter.

1 meter = 100 centimeters 						

What are Kilometers?

Another common unit, based on the meter, is a Kilometer. It is a bigger unit of a meter that is used particularly to measure the distance between two far points. For example, it is used to measure the distance between two cities of a state. To show a quantity in terms of Kilometers, we put “km” just beside the number showing the measurement.

As mentioned earlier, it is a bigger unit of a meter which means a specific number of meters will combine to make a kilometer. So, we can define it as “A kilometer consists of 1000 meters which means that 1000 meters will combine to make a kilometer”. That’s why it is used to measure long distances or lengths between two objects, places, and points.

1 kilometer = 1000 meters 						

How to calculate the Centimeters to Kilometers?

To learn the method to calculate the centimeters to kilometers, you need to first understand how many centimeters will combine to make a kilometer. With the above discussion, you know the conversion of centimeters and kilometers to meters only. So, let us show you here what is the relationship between centimeters to kilometers.

1 kilometer = 100000 centimeters 

Now, you can easily understand how to convert a kilometer to a centimeter and vice versa. For your understanding, let us share an example of this conversion here.

Example 1:

Convert 5 kilometers to centimeters.


As we know,

1 kilometer = 100000 centimeters


5 kilometers = 5 x 100000 centimeters
= 500000 cm	

Example 2:

Convert 550000 centimeters to kilometers.


As we know,

 kilometer = 100000 centimeters


1 centimeter = 1/100000 kilometers


550000 cm = 550000/100000 k	
 = 5.5 km 

How to use the Cm to Km Calculator?

The process to use this Calculator’s Bag tool is pretty simple. Here are the steps to follow for this purpose.

  • Enter the value in centimeters
  • Get the answer in kilometers automatically

FAQ | Cm to Km Calculator

How many millimeters are in a centimeter?

A centimeter consists of 10 millimeters.

How many kilometers are in a mile?

1.609 kilometers are included in a mile.

What are the rules for converting measurements?

Every conversion has a specific rule to follow. But the major rules included are Multiplication and Division. You may have to divide a number in one unit by a specific number or multiply it with a specific number to convert it into a particular unit.

How many centimeters are in 12 inches?

In 12 inches, around 31 centimeters are included. Precisely, 12 inches will be equal to 30.48 centimeters.

What is 120 kilometers in miles?

120 kilometers consist of around 75 miles. To be precise, it will be equal to 74.5645 miles.