What is the volume of the cone?

As mentioned earlier, a cone is a three-dimensional figure that involves height, width, and length. So, the region covered by this figure will be considered volume instead of area. In simple words, the volume is the region that is covered by a cone in its three dimensions i.e. length, width, and height.

We can find the volume of the cone by measuring a specific set of values/measurements involved in it. In the following section, we will show you the formula followed by the cone volume calculator that you can also use in the manual process.

Cone Volume Formula

To find the volume of the cone, you need to find some measurements including radius and slant height. Here is the formula to follow if you have these measurements.

Volume of cone = 1/3 (𝛑×r2h)	 


  • "r" the radius of the cone
  • "h"is the slant height of the cone.

How to calculate the cone volume?

Now, you have an idea about the formula to find the volume of the cone. Here is the method to follow for finding this measurement.

  • Insert the given values
  • Multiply all values
  • Divide by "3" to get the volume of the cone

To make it understandable for our readers, we have also solved an example here.

Example 1:

Find the volume of the cone if its radius is 5 cm and slant height is 7.


We know that,

Volume of the cone = 1/3 (𝛑 × r2h)	

Put values in the above formula:

Volume = 1/3 (3.14 × (5)27)	
= 183.26 cm3	 

How to use the cone calculator?

Calculator’s Bag has designed this tool in a simple way to let everyone use it. Here are the steps to follow for this:

  • Insert the radius measurement
  • Insert the slant height value
  • This calculator will automatically perform the calculation and show you the output.

FAQ | Cone Calculator

What is the height formula for a cone?

The height formula of a cone is given by, Height = 3V𝛑r2

Height = 3V/𝛑r2	

How do you find the volume of a cone with the diameter?

We need to convert the diameter into a radius first by dividing it by 2. After that, we can follow the given formula:

Volume of the cone = 1/3 (𝛑 × r2h)	

How do you find the slope and height of a cone?

The slope of a cone is actually called its slant height. The formula to find it, if the height of a cone is, given is:

I = h + r	

What is the rule for the volume of a cone?

The rule to find the volume of a cone is given:

Volume of the cone = 1/3 (𝛑 × r2h)