Cubic Feet To Cubic Inches Calculator

Conversion of volume units is one of the most common tasks for Mathematics students. Doesn’t matter whether you are a high school student or a graduate student of Mathematics, you will find such questions in your course. For example, you may be asked to convert cubic feet to cubic inches or vice versa. ?

Don’t you have enough time to complete your assignments? Looking to perform this conversion quickly? You should use this cubic foot to cubic inches calculator that can help you in this regard. It has been designed for this conversion with the help of an advanced algorithm. You can easily use this maths calculator because of its simple interface. Let’s read about these units and the calculator here.

What is a cubic foot?

The cubic foot is the volume of a 3-dimensional figure when all sides have lengths of 1 foot. In simple words, if we have a cube having a 1-foot length for all sides, the space covered by it will be called 1 cubic foot. In Mathematics, it is represented as a “cubic ft or ft3”.

What is a cubic inch?

A cubic inch is another volume unit that represents the space covered by a cube when the measures of all its sides are 1 inch. In Mathematics, a cubic inch is represented by putting a cubic in the power of an inch. Here is the symbol that is used to show this unit, “in3

How to calculate cubic feet from cubic inches?

We know that units can be converted using a specific relationship between them. You can calculate cubic feet from inches using the following relationship.

1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches	

To let you understand how to use this relationship, we have solved an example here.

Example 1:

Convert 23 cubic feet to cubic inches.


As we know,

1 cubic foot = 1728 cubic inches	


23 ft3 = 1728 x 23 in3	
= 39744 in3	

Cubic feet to cubic inches table

Cubic Feet Cubic Inches
1 1728
2 3456
5 8640
10 17280
20 34560
50 86400
100 172800

How to use the cubic feet to cubic inches calculator?

Using this tool by Calculator’s Bag is not a difficult task. Just a single step needs to be followed for using it. Here is the step that you have to take for performing this conversion.

  • Insert the measurement given in the cubic feet
  • This calculator will automatically show you the answer in cubic inches

FAQ | Cubic feet to cubic inches

Why is 1 cubic foot 1728 cubic inches?

A cubic foot is an imperial unit of volume that can be converted to SI units of volume. When this unit is converted to SI units and then converted again to cubic inches, we got 1 cubic foot is equal to 1728 cubic inches.

Is a cubic foot 12x12x12?

Yes, a cubic foot is 12x12x12. We can convert a measurement from cubic inches to cubic feet by dividing the measurement by 12x12x12.

How do you solve cubic feet problems?

Solving a cubic feet problem depends on the measurement we are looking for. For example, if we have to find the volume of a cube in this unit, we need to multiply the length, height, and width. Similarly, the formula for the surface area will be different.

How do you solve a cubic unit of measurement?

To convert a cubic unit into another, we have to use a specific formula. The formula or relationship depends on the units we are dealing with.