Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters Calculator

In Mathematics, multiple units are used to represent the measure of the volume of any liquid, object, or body. The most common units from that list of units are cubic feet and cubic meters which are widely used for measuring the volume of different materials and liquids. Because of the extra use of these units, it is compulsory to learn how to convert one of these units to the other.

It is not a simple task unless you know their interconnection and correlation. That’s why we recommend you use the cubic feet to cubic meters calculator. This online tool will help you convert any measurement taken in one unit to the other one. Also, you can use this maths calculator even without clicking on a single button. Here we will discuss this calculator and the conversion process in detail.

What are Cubic Meters?

It is a particular unit based on SI unit a meter. A cubic meter is a unit used to represent the volume of a liquid or gas specifically in chemistry. Normally, you have seen measurements of liquids in liters in your daily routine. In terms of chemical calculation, this measurement is converted to cubic meters.

1 cubic meter is equal to 1 liter that is used in normal life. To show a measurement in cubic meters, we need to put “3” as the exponent to the symbol of meter i.e. “m”. It means we need to write “m3” to represent a measurement in this particular unit.

What are Cubic Feet?

Another unit used to measure the volume of a three-dimensional object, shape, or figure is cubic feet. We can define cubic feet as the volume of any object or shape with all sides of measures of 1 foot. It means if a body has a length, width, and height of 1 foot each, the volume of that body will be 1 cubic foot.

How to calculate Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters?

To convert cubic feet to cubic meters, you need to understand their relationship with each other. Let us share how many cubic meters will be in 1 cubic meter.

1 cubic foot = 0.028 cubic meters

By using this relationship, you can easily convert measurements given in cubic feet to cubic meters and vice versa.

To let you understand the conversion properly, we have solved an example here.

Example 1:

Find the volume of 75 cubic feet in cubic meters.


As we know,

1 cubic foot (ft3) = 0.028 cubic meters (m3)	


75 ft3  = 75 x 0.028 m3
= 2.12325 m3

How to use the cubic feet to cubic meters calculator?

You can use this calculator by Calculator’s Bag within seconds by following these steps.

  • Enter the measurement given in cubic feet.
  • The calculator will quickly show the answer in cubic meters.

FAQ | Cubic Feet to Cubic Meters

How many cubic feet are in a cubic meter?

In 1 cubic meter, around 35.3147 cubic feet are included.

Which are larger cubic meters or cubic feet?

A cubic meter is a larger unit used to measure the volume as compared to cubic feet.

How many cubic meters are 100 cubic feet of liquid?

2.831 cubic meters are included in 100 cubic feet.

What has a volume of 1 cubic meter?

The volume of 1 cubic meter is equal to 1 liter of the liquid.