Cubic Feet to Liters Calculator

A cubic measurement is related to a three-dimensional object, figure, or shape. Multiple units are used to measure the dimensions of a cubic object. That’s why it is hard to remember the relationship between two units to interconvert them. So, it is not simple to convert one unit like cubic feet to liters and others.

If you are also finding it difficult to perform this conversion, it is good to choose the cubic feet to liters calculator. This maths calculator has been designed for this purpose only. You can convert any measurement given in one unit to the other within seconds. On this page, we will guide you about these units and the method to convert one unit to the other.

What is a cubic foot?

A cubic foot is a specific unit used to show the volume of a specific cube with a 1-foot length of all its sides. It is right to say that if a cube has lengths of all sides equal to 1 foot, its volume will be 1 cubic foot. This specific unit is not a part of SI units but it is a customary unit used for ages in different states of the United States.

It is a smaller unit used to measure the volume of small boxes normally. Also, it is used to measure the volume of only solid objects like boxes, rooms, packages, and others. We use “ft3” to show the volume of any specific object in cubic feet.

What is Liter?

A Liter is normally used to measure the quantity of liquid matter. This specific unit is normally used with many SI units but it is not part of this system of units. But it is equal to 1 cubic decimeter that has bases from an SI unit called a meter.

To represent a measurement in this unit, we need to put “” just on the right side of the number/quantity. We can convert this unit into other volume-measuring units using a specific formula or relationship between the units.

How to calculate cubic feet to liters?

To calculate the cubic feet to liters or vice versa, you need to understand the relationship between these two specific units. Here is the relationship between these units.

1 cubic foot = 28.317 liters


1 liter = 1/28.317 cubic feet

To convert one of these units to the other, we need to use the above relationships. For your understanding, we have solved a few examples here.


Example 1:

Conver 25 cubic feet to liters.


As we know,

1 cubic foot = 28.317 liters	


25 ft3 = 25 x 28.317 ℓ
= 707.920 ℓ

Example 2:

Convert 368 liters to cubic feet.


As we know,

1 liter = 1/28.317 cubic feet	


368 ℓ = 368/28.317 ft3
= 12.99 ft3

How to use the cubic feet to liters calculator?

To use this calculator by Calculator’s Bag, you need to follow these steps.

  • Insert the measurement given in the cubic feet
  • This calculator will automatically convert your inserted measurement into liters.

FAQ | Cubic Feet to Liters

How many liters are in a cubic foot?

In one cubic foot, 28.317 liters are included.

How do you figure cubic feet?

To figure the cubic feet, we need to multiply the length, width, and height of the given cube.

What is 1 cubic foot in centimeters?

1 cubic foot consists of 28316.8 cubic centimeters. We can’t convert cubic feet to centimeters only instead of cubic centimeters.

How many cubic feet are in a 10 x 10 room?

To calculate the cubic feet in a 10 x 10 room, we first have to get its height. Let's suppose the height of the room is 5 feet, it will result in 500 cubic feet of its volume.