Cubic Feet to Milliliters Calculator

Conversion of units is neither a simple task nor a difficult one when you have an idea about the interconnection between two units. But when it comes to converting two units with different use, it becomes harder. For example, if you want to convert cubic feet to milliliters, it will be a difficult task because the first unit is used to measure the solids while the latter is used for liquids.

To make this process simpler, more accurate, and fast, you can use cubic feet to milliliters calculator. This is a handy tool designed for this conversion only. You can easily use the Maths calculator even when you don’t have extensive knowledge of the subject. This tool will get the measurement you want to convert and instantly convert it into the concerned unit. Want to know more about it? Keep reading!

What is Milliliter?

It is a smaller unit of a US customary unit called Liter. If one liter is divided into 1000 parts, every part will be called a milliliter. This unit is normally used to measure the number of chemicals that are used in very small proportions.

To represent a measurement in this unit, “ml” is used just beside the number showing the measurement. If we want to show 25 in milliliters, it will be written as “25 ml”. Because of its smaller nature, it is not used in daily routine but it is used particularly in laboratories and other sectors of this type.

What is a Cubic Foot?

A cubic foot is a unit used to measure the size of small cubes like boxes and figures. This is also a US customary unit that is used widely in that region only. The cubic feet is defined as the volume of a cube that has lengths of all sides equal to 1 foot.

In simple words, if a cube has a length of 1 foot, a width of 1 foot, and a height of 1 foot, its volume will be called 1 cubic foot. To show this unit as the measurement of a specific box, we put “ft3” on the right side of the number showing the measurement.

Cubic Feet to Milliliters

To understand the conversion between cubic feet to milliliters, it is important to know the relationship between these two units. Here is the relationship between these two units:

1 ft3 = 28316.85 ml

It can also be written as:

1 ml = 0.0000353 ft3

Cubic Feet to Milliliters table

Here is a table of conversion in which we have discussed some measurements taken in cubic feet and their answers after the conversion in milliliters.


Cubic Feet Milliliters
1 28316
5 141584
10 283168
20 566336
50 1415842
100 2831685

How to Calculate Cubic Feet to Milliliters?

To calculate Cubic feet to milliliters, we only have to use the above-given relationships. Here are some examples that you should look for a better understanding of.

Example 1:

Convert 12 cubic feet to milliliters


As we know,

1 ft3 = 28316.85 ml	


12 ft3 = 12 x 28316.85 ml
= 141584.2 ml

Example 2:

Convert 253268 milliliters to cubic feet.


We know that

1 ml = 0.0000353 ft3	


253268 ml = 0.0000353 x 253268 ft3
= 8.9441 ft3

How to use cubic feet to milliliters calculator?

With the above examples, you have learned how to convert cubic feet to milliliters. If you still find it hard, you can use this calculator in Calculator’s Bag. Here are the steps that need to be followed.

  • Enter the measurement given in cubic feet
  • The tool will automatically show the measurement in milliliters

FAQ | Cubic feet to milliliters

How many milliliters is a cubic foot?

In cubic feet, around 28316 milliliters are included.

What is the size of 1 milliliter?

1 milliliter is the 1000th part of a liter.

Which is bigger, a liter or a milliliter?

A liter is a bigger unit than a milliliter. A milliliter is the 1000th part of a liter.

How many milliliters does it take to make a gallon?

In a gallon, around 3785 milliliters are included.