Cubic Feet To Quarts Calculator

Not every unit of volume starts from the word “cubic or cube”. Normally, we see units for the volume calculation starting from this particular word. But there are also other units used for this calculation in a different system of units like US customary units. A common unit from this system used for the volume of fluid is the Quart.

Multiple volume units can be converted to this particular unit through a simple relation. For example, you can perform cubic feet to quarts conversion through a relationship or vice versa. Don’t have enough time to perform this conversion? You should use this cubic foot to quarts calculator that has been designed for this conversion. It can perform this conversion in a single glimpse without any manual involvement. Let us show you how to use this maths calculator to make the conversion accurate.

What is a Quart?

It is a special unit that belongs to the US customary system of units or Imperial units. A quart is used for the volume measurement of the fluid. It can be used for both liquid and dry fluids depending on which it is given the name of liquid quart and dry quart.

In general, a quart is the volume of the fluid which is equal to one-fourth of one gallon. It can also be defined in terms of pints and volume of cups depending on the conditions in which we are defining it.

Like other units, it also has a specific way of getting represented which is by writing “qt” just beside the measurement. If we have to write 5 quarts, we will write it as “5 qt

How to convert cubic feet to quarts?

As most units have specific relationships to convert to other units, quarts also have a relationship with cubic feet (both are volume-measuring units). We can use that relationship to convert cubic feet to quarts in a few steps. Here is the relationship defining the connection between these units.

1 cubic foot = 29.92 quarts	

The above relationship shows that a cubic foot is a bigger unit than a quart. So, we have to multiply the measurement given in cubic feet by the above number to convert it into quarts. Here is a solved example to better understand the conversion.

Example 1:

Convert 6 cubic feet to quarts.


As we know,

1 cubic foot = 29.92 quarts	


26 ft3 = 6 x 29.92 qt	
= 179.53 qt	

Cubic feet to Quarts table

Here we have made a conversion table for cubic feet to quarts to let you remember a few values.

Cubic Feet Quarts
1 29.92
2 59.84
5 149.61
10 299.22
20 598.44
50 1496.11
100 2992.21

How to use the cubic feet to quarts calculator?

Till now, you have learned how to convert cubic feet to quarts manually. But you may have complex values or want to perform this conversion quickly. In this regard, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag by following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Write the number showing the measurement in cubic feet
  • This calculator will automatically convert that measurement to quarts.

FAQ | Cubic feet to quarts

How many dry quarts are in a cubic foot?

In 1 cubic foot, around 25.714 dry quarts are involved.

How do you estimate a quart?

A quart is one-fourth of a gallon. So, we can easily estimate a quart in terms of a gallon.

What can we measure in quarts?

We can measure the volume of fluid in quarts.

Why is it called a quart?

In Latin, the word “Quarter or Quart” means one-fourth of the total amount. As a quart is one-fourth of the gallon, that’s why it is given this name.