Cubic Inches Calculator

We all know that the volume of a cube can be measured in different units including a cubic inch. But it is not an easy task to measure when it comes to complex or bigger lengths. Also, it may be complicated for some students to multiply three lengths at a time. This is where you will find the cubic inches calculator a useful tool.

It is a handy online calculator that can perform multiplication within seconds and show you volume in cubic inches. This maths calculator has been designed for this purpose only. You only have to insert the measure of the sides of a cube to get the answer in the selected unit i.e. cubic inches.

What is a cubic inch?

A cubic inch is the volume of the box/cube when the sides are measured in inches instead of other traditional and common units. In simple words, if a cube measures its length, width, and height of 1 inch, its volume will be 1 cubic inch.

To represent the volume of a cube in this unit, the in3 symbol will be used with the measure. It means that we have to write the number used to show the volume measure along with this symbol.

How to calculate cubic inches?

As mentioned above, the volume in cubic inches can be found by multiplying the measures of its sides. Here is the general formula to use for finding the volume in these particular units.

Volume in in3 = length (in) x width (in) x height (in)	

To let you understand properly, we have also solved an example here.

Example 1:

Find the volume in cubic inches if its measures are 2 in, 4 in, and 7 in.


To find the volume in cubic inches, we have to put these values in the above formula,

Volume in in3 = 2 x 4 x 7 in3	
= 56 in3

How to use the cubic inches calculator?

To make the process simple and perform the calculation quickly, you can also use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. It has a simple interface that every user can understand. Here are some steps that you can follow while using this tool.

  • Choose the units for all values i.e. inches
  • Insert the measures of length, width, and height
  • This calculator will automatically find the volume of a cube in your selected unit

FAQ | Cubic Inches

How do I figure out cubic inches?

To find the cubic inches, you have to multiply the measurements of the sides which are length, width, and height.

How many inches is 1 cubic inch?

1 cubic inch is actually equal to 1 inch because it is made by multiplying all three sides of a cube having measures of 1 cube.

What do you mean by cubic inches?

A cubic inch is a specific unit used to show the volume of a cube with sides measured in inches.

What are cubic inches used for?

Cubic inches are used to show the volume of a specific cube.

Can you measure volume in cubic inches?

Yes, we can measure the volume in cubic inches.

What is the difference between cubic inches and regular inches?

A cubic inch is used to represent the volume of the cube while a regular inch is used to show the measure of any particular side.