Cubic Inches to Liters Calculator

Conversion of different units is not an easy task all the time as every unit has a particular relation with the other. So, it is hard to remember those connections between various units. That’s why it is common to make mistakes and get wrong answers that are not good for a student.

If you are also facing a problem while converting units like cubic inches to liters, you should get assistance from the calculator. A cubic inches to liters calculator can help you in this regard and let you get the answer within seconds. This maths calculator has been designed with a particular algorithm to accomplish this task and provide you with accurate answers. Wanna learn more? Keep reading!

What are cubic inches?

It is a particular unit used to measure the volume of boxes, cubes, and other solid objects. In Mathematics, the unit of cubic inches is used to measure the volume of a three-dimensional object when its sides are measured in inches. .

To show the volume of a cube or any similar object in this unit, we write in3 along with the measurements. Normally, this unit is used to measure the volume of small boxes and cubes.

What are liters?

Another unit to measure the volume is called a Liter but it is not for solids. Liters are used to represent the volume of liquid material like water, milk, or any other fluid. This unit is neither part of SI units nor based on any SI unit.

A liter is a US customary unit that is widely used all over the globe. To show the volume of liquid in this unit, “lit” is written with the number showing the measurement. This unit is used for measuring the average quantity of liquids.

How to calculate cubic inches to liters?

To know how to calculate the cubic inches to liters, you need to understand the relationship between these units. Here is the general relationship between these volume-measuring units.

	1 cubic inch = 0.016 liters

Similarly, we can also write it as

	1 liter = 61.024 cubic inches

You can now easily convert any of these units to the other one. For your better understanding, let us show you how to convert cubic inches to liters using a manual approach.

Example 1:

Convert 23 cubic inches to liters.


As we know,

	1 cubic inch = 0.016 liters


        23 cubic inches = 23 x 0.016 liters
        = 0.3769 liters

Cubic inches to liters table

Here we have also made a table to show you values of a few cubic inches in liters.

Cubic Inches Liters
1 0.016
5 0.082
10 0.164
20 0.328
50 0.819
100 1.639

How to use the cubic inches to liters calculator?

If you have complex values in one of these units and find it difficult to convert to the other one, you should use this calculator. Calculator’s Bag has designed this tool with a simple interface that you can easily understand and follow to accomplish this task.

  • Enter the measure in cubic inches
  • This calculator will automatically show the answer in liters

FAQ | Cubic inches to liters

What are cubic inches in volume?

A cubic inch is the volume of a cube with all sides of 1 inch.

How many cubic inches are in a liter?

In 1 liter, around 61 inches are included.

How many liters fit in a cubic inch?

1 cubic inch is equal to 0.016 liters.

What is an example of a cubic inch?

The box, cube, or a similar shape that measures all sides of 1 inch will be an example of a cubic inch volume.