Cylinder Volume Calculator

Cylinder volume calculation requires multiple measures, as well as a student, has to perform multiple Mathematical operations at the same time. That’s why there are huge chances to get the wrong answer or make mistakes in this regard. To keep your work error-free, you can use the cylinder volume calculator.

This online tool has been designed for this purpose only. It can quickly figure out the volume of any cylinder with any measures that you will insert into it. This maths calculator can help you in completing your assignments quickly and with accuracy. Let’s read about this calculator and the manual process to find the volume too.

What is Cylinder Volume?

A cylinder is a three-dimensional shape, figure, or object that can be hollow from the inside. This particular figure has a specific radius like a circle because it has a round shape. The volume of a cylinder is the area covered by the body of a cylinder in all three dimensions.

It means that the region that is covered by the hollow inner portion of the cylinder will be called its volume. We can find the volume of a cylinder quickly just by inserting its measurements like radius and height.

Cylinder volume formula

To find the volume of a cylinder, you only need to know the height and radius. Here is the formula that you need to follow in this regard.

	Volume of Cylinder = (𝛑) (r2)(h)


  • “r” represents the radius of the cylinder.
  • “h” represents the height of the cylinder.
  • “𝛑” is a specific constant used in Mathematics.

How to calculate cylinder volume?

To calculate the cylinder volume, you only need to put the measures in the above formula. Whether you use the manual process or using a cylinder volume calculator, the same formula will be used.

We have solved an example here to let you understand the process properly.

Example 1:

Find the volume of a cylinder if its radius is 5 cm and the height is 11 cm.


As we know,

	Volume of Cylinder = (𝛑) (r2)(h)

By putting the given values:

        Volume = (3.14) (5)2 (11) cm3
        = 863.938 cm3

How to use the cylinder volume calculator?

If you have complex values and looking to find the volume of a cylinder quickly, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. This online calculator will quickly solve the question using your inserted data and show you the output.

  • Insert the measurements of the radius
  • Insert the measure of height
  • This calculator will automatically follow the formula and show you the volume of the cylinder

FAQ | Cylinder Volume

What is the easiest way to find the volume of a cylinder?

The easiest way to find the volume of a cylinder is by using the following formula:

	Volume of Cylinder = (𝛑) (r2)(h)

What does the volume of a cylinder depend on?

The volume of a cylinder depends on the radius and height.

How do you find the volume of a cylinder?

We can find the volume of a cylinder by using a specific formula that depends on the radius and height.

Can two different cylinders have the same volume?

No, two different cylinders can’t have the same volume because the measures of radius and height will be changed.

Does pressure increase the volume?

No, pressure doesn’t increase the volume. But it can lower the volume of a gas-filled in the cylinder.