Decameter to Feet Calculator

In Mathematics, multiple units are used to measure the same quantity. For example, you must have seen multiple units like Decameters and Feet used to measure the length of an object, path, and shape. As both units are used for the same measurement calculation, it is common to get questions related to their conversion

Don’t you understand how to perform this conversion? Do you want to learn how to complete this task? You should use this Decameter to Feet Calculator. This maths calculator has been designed to perform the conversion between these two common units. On this page, we will show you how to perform this conversion manually as well as how to use this calculator. Keep reading to understand.

What is Decameter?

A Decameter is a bigger unit of meter that is normally used to measure the length of a short path. It is equal to 10 meters which shows how bigger it is from the base unit of length. This unit is normally used to measure the distance between two points apart by a small distance.

In Mathematics, the measurement in the Decameters is shown by writing “dam” beside the number showing the length of the path. This derived unit is mostly used in European countries.

What are Feet?

A Foot is another length-measuring unit that belongs to the US Customary System of Units. It is used to measure the lengths of small objects, shapes, and figures. For example, the length of the door is normally measured in feet instead of meters or decameters.

To represent a measurement in this unit, we need to write “ft” with the number showing that length. In the book of Mathematics, you must have seen the measurements written with this symbol.

How to calculate Decameter to Feet?

Feet and decameters both are used for measuring length. So, they must have a relationship to describe the connection between them. Here is that relationship according to which you can convert a measurement from Feet to Decameters within minutes.

1 Decameter = 32.81 Feet	

It shows that a Decameter is a bigger unit than Feet as one dam involves multiple feet. Now, you may have got an idea of how to convert a measurement from a Decameter to Feet. If you haven’t, you should check the following example that we have solved for you.

Example 1:

If the length of a path is 4 Decameters, what will be the same length in feet?


As we know,

1 Dam = 32.81 ft	

It means,

4 Dam = 4 x 32.81 ft	


= 131.23 ft	

Decameter to Feet Table

Decameters Feet
1 32.81
2 65.62
5 164.041
10 328.08
20 656.17
50 1640.42
100 3280.84

How to Use the Decameter to Feet Calculator?

Using this tool by Calculator’s Bag is not a difficult task. Just follow these steps to perform this conversion with this online handy calculator.

  • Insert the measurement given in Decameters in the first input box
  • This calculator will automatically show you the measurement in the Feet.

FAQ | Decameter to Feet Calculator

What comes after the decameter?

The decameter is the bigger unit of a meter that is the base unit of length. After the decameter, the bigger units are hectometers, kilometers, and so on.

What is bigger than a decameter?

A bigger unit of meter than a decameter is a hectometer.

How many feet are in a decameter?

A decameter is equal to around 32 feet.

Is Decameter bigger than Metre?

Yes, a decameter is a bigger unit than a meter as it involves 10 meters in 1 decameter.

How many feet are equal to 25.51 decameters?

When 25.51 decameters are converted to feet, it comes equal to 837 feet.