Decameter to Kilometer Calculator

In normal life, we happen to hear a particular unit to measure the distance that is a Kilometer. Have you ever thought about other units measuring length or distance? You may haven’t heard because the Kilometer is widely used all over the globe. But there are many other units to measure the length and distance between two objects including Decameter.

For Mathematics students, it is a common task to convert one unit to the other for various problems. So, it is important to learn how to convert decameters to kilometers quickly. If you don’t know how to do this, you should use this Decameter to Kilometer Calculator. This maths calculator will enable you to convert one measurement given in a particular unit to the other within a second.

What is Decameter?

It is a particular unit used to measure the length/size of a small or medium object. This unit is not used to measure the distance between two distant objects. A Decameter is based on an SI unit that we call a meter. It is a bigger unit of meter that is normally used to measure the size of machines.

To represent a length in this unit, “Dam” will be written on the right side of the number. Wherever you will see “dam ” written with a number, it means that the measurement is taken in Decameters.

What is a Kilometer?

A kilometer is another distance-measuring unit that is used for calculating the tance between two objects, places, and points. Normally, this unit is used to mark the distance from the destination on the roads. It is also based on the meter which is an SI unit of length.

On the roads, you must have seen the boards with writings “XYZ kilometer or XYZ Km”. Those boards actually represent the distance of a particular place from your point in Kilometers because “Km” is the symbol of this unit.

How to calculate Dam to Km?

As mentioned above, Decameter and Kilometer both are used to measure the length/distance with the same base unit. It means that they have a particular relationship through which we can convert one unit to the other. Here is the relationship that you can use for this conversion of units.

1 Decameter = 0.01 Kilometer	

Similarly, it can also be written as,

1 Kilometer = 100 Decameters 	

By using these relationships, you can easily convert a measurement from Decameters to Kilometers. Here we have also solved an example for your understanding.

Example 1:

Convert 23 Decameters to Kilometers.


We know that,

1 Decameter = 0.01 Kilometers 	


23 Dam = 0.01 x 23 Km 
 = 0.23 Km

Decameter to Kilometer table

For your ease, we have also added a conversion table for Decameters to Kilometers.

Decameter Kilometer
1 0.01
2 0.02
5 0.05
10 0.1
20 0.2
50 0.5
100 1
500 5
1000 10

How to use the decameter to kilometer calculator?

If you have a problem understanding and solving questions related to Decameter to Kilometer conversion, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. This tool will convert your measurements from one unit to the other without taking a second.

  • Insert the measurement given in Decameters
  • The calculator will show the same measurement in Kilometers

FAQ | Decameter to Kilometer

How many kilometers are in a decameter?

0.01 kilometers are included in a decameter.

Which is the bigger decameter or the centimeter?

Decameter is a bigger unit than the Centimeter as it is the 10th part of the meter while a centimeter is the 100th part of a meter.

How many kilometers are in 1 mile?

A mile is a bigger unit than a Kilometer. In 1 mile, around 1.61 kilometers are covered.