Division Calculator

Understanding basic mathematical operations is not difficult even for a school student. But it can be harder when you are dealing with problems related to division, especially long division. The reason is many students find it difficult to separate a bigger number into parts equal to a smaller number.

Are you one of those students? You should use this long-division calculator. This online handy tool has been designed to make the division process simple and accurate. You can use this maths calculator easily by following a few simple steps. Let’s read about this calculator and its works.

What is division?

In Mathematics, a division is a process of separating a bigger number into small parts. It is one of the basic mathematical operations that every student has to learn regardless of their level of education.

There are two main components of division that we call divisor and dividend. The dividend is the number that has to be divided by a smaller number. On the other side, the number that will divide the dividend will be called the divisor. For example, if “36” is divided by “2”, then 36 will be called a dividend and 2 will be called a divisor

What is a long division?

It is a specific type of division in which a very big number is divided step by step by a smaller number or the prime number. In Long Division, you can’t divide the number in a single step but the process will be completed in multiple steps.

You have to start dividing the number by the smallest prime number to get another dividend. The process will keep going unless you got a number less than the divisor as the remainder of the division or you have got “0” as the remainder

How to perform long division?

Performing long division is not difficult if you know the steps. Here we have enlisted some of those steps for your understanding.


  • Divide the dividend by a divisor
  • It will give a remainder as a result.
  • Check if the remainder is bigger than the divisor, and divide it again.
  • Keep doing this unless you got the remainder less than a divisor or have divided the dividend completely

You may have an idea of how to perform long division now. But we have also solved an example here to let you clarify your doubts.


Example 1:

Find the quotient and remainder when 235 is divided by 6.


First of all, we have to divide the first two digits of the dividend by 6. As we know, we can divide it by multiplying 3 by 6 which comes to 18 which is lesser than 23 (the first two digits of the number). As the remainder, we get 5 which will be combined with the third digit of the number. So, it comes out to be 55 which will be again divided by 6. After this division, we get the following answers.

= 235/6	
Quotient = 39	
Remainder =1	

How to use the division calculator?

Using this tool by Calculator’s Bag is not a difficult task. You can use it by following the few steps mentioned below:

  • Insert the dividend in the first input box
  • Write the divisor in the second input box
  • This calculator will automatically show you results for the quotient and remainder.

FAQ | Division Calculator

How to do long division?

You need to divide the given dividend by the divisor step by step.

How do you explain division?

The division is the process to split a big number into parts equal to the small numbers.

What are the 4 parts of division?

The 4 parts of the division include dividend, divisor, quotient, and remainder.

What are the three basic divisions?

There are three basic divisions that we call partitive division, quotative division, and long division.

What is division in Math?

In Mathematics, division is the process to divide a bigger number into parts equal to the smaller numbers.

What is the symbol for division?

In Mathematics, the symbol “/” is placed between the numbers to show the division process.