Geometric Mean Calculator

In Mathematics, the Mean is the average of a given set of numbers. But it is not the only type of mean that you can find by adding all numbers and then dividing them. There are multiple types of mean including Geometric mean that may be hard for you to find out. It is because the calculation of this type of mean is different from the standard mean calculation.

Don’t you know how to do this? Want to make your work easier, more accurate, and fast? Then, you must use the Geometric mean calculator. It is an online handy tool that can perform this calculation for you within seconds. You only have to input data related to your question in this maths calculator and it will quickly show you the answer.

What is Geometric Mean?

Geometric mean, as mentioned above, is a type of average in Mathematics. It refers to the nth root of the set of numbers when they are multiplied. In simple words, the given set of numbers will be multiplied first and then the nth root will be found of the product according to the numbers divided.

Like other types of mean, the geometric mean is also used to find the measure of central tendency. It is right to say that it gives the central value of the given set of data. If you are proficient in calculating the nth root of any number, you can easily find it using the following method we will share shortly.

Geometric Mean Formula

To find the geometric mean, you have to follow this particular formula.

Geometric Mean = nx1. x2. x3...xn		


  • “n” shows the number of terms
  • “x” shows the terms of the given set of data

How to calculate the Geometric Mean?

You may have understood the process to find the geometric mean using the above formula. But if you haven’t understood, you should look at the following example we have solved for you.

Example 1:

Find the geometric mean of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25.


As we know,

Geometric Mean = nx1. x2. x3...xn	
Geometric Mean = 4√5 ✖ 10 ✖ 15 ✖ 20	
= 4√15000	
= 11.0668	

How to use the Geometric Mean Calculator?

As you can see, you may have to deal with decimals while finding the nth root of the multiplicated term. If you think it is difficult, you can use this calculator in Calculator’s Bag. You can use it with the following steps.

Step 1: Insert all numbers in the given input box

Step 2: Put a comma after every number

Step 3: This calculator will automatically show the geometric mean in the small box given below

FAQ | Geometric Mean Calculator

What is the geometric mean of 5 and 10?

The geometric mean of 5 and 10 is 7.0711.

Why is geometric mean more accurate?

As this mean is calculated on the concept of compounding, that’s why it is more accurate as compared to other means.

What are the limitations of geometric mean?

It is not possible to calculate the geometric mean of negative integers if they are odd in numbers. This is the biggest disadvantage of the geometric mean

How do you analyze geometric mean?

To find the geometric mean, we have to multiply all the terms and then find the nth root depending on the number of terms multiplied.

What data is geometric mean most often used for?

Geometric mean has basic use in business mathematics, especially in performance calculation of the investment

Can a geometric mean be negative?

No, geometric mean can’t be negative. If one of the given numbers is negative, the geometric mean will be imaginary.

How is geometric mean used in real life?

The geometric mean is used in real life for investment-related tasks. It means that it is used in business-related fields.

Is geometric mean biased?

A geometric mean is always less than the arithmetic mean. That’s why it is considered more biased as compared to the general or arithmetic mean.