Inches to Feet Calculator

Length measurement is an easy task unless a student has to ask to convert the measurement given in one unit to the other. No doubt, we are familiar with different SI units used for this purpose. But it is hard to remember other units that are used customarily in the US and other regions. For example, it is difficult to memorize the relationship between inches and feet to interconvert measurements.

If you are not an excellent student and looking to get the task done quickly and with accuracy, you should use the inches-to-feet calculator. This calculator will help you in the conversion process and let you get the answer within seconds. It is right to say that you don’t need to memorize the relationship between these units while using this Maths Calculator. Do you want to learn about it in detail? The following section is written for you!

What are inches?

As mentioned earlier, it is not compulsory that all units belong to the SI unit of the system. Some units are used widely in the US in its customary system one of which inches are. It is a particular unit of length measurement that is used to measure the small lengths in Imperial and US customary units.

This particular unit has no deep roots in history but it was defined properly in 1959. It means that the existence of inches becomes common when it was defined properly in terms of other units. Measurement in this unit is shown by putting “in” against the number showing that measurement.

What are feet?

Another customary unit used to measure the length is the foot. It is also not a part of the SI unit of the system and is mostly used in the US. This unit is slightly bigger than inches due to why it is used to measure the length of standard objects. This unit was also defined properly in terms of meters in 1959.

Like other length-measuring units, it also has a specific way of representing a measurement in this unit. We have to put “ft ” against the number showing the length of the concerned object.

Inches to feet formula

As mentioned above, an inch is a smaller unit than a foot. It means a few inches will combine to make a foot. That’s why there exists a formula defining the relationship between these two length-measuring units.

1 inch = 1/12 feet	


1 foot = 12 inches	

So, we can convert one unit to the other using the above simple relationships.

How to convert inches to feet?

The process to convert inches to feet isn’t difficult you can estimate by looking at the above relationships. But we have solved an example here to let you understand the procedure correctly.

Example 1:

Convert 240 inches to feet.


As we know,

1 inch = 1/12 feet	


240 inches = 240/12 feet	 
= 20 feet 	

Inches to Feet Conversion Table

Inches Feet
1 0.083
2 0.167
5 0.417
10 0.833
50 4.167
100 8.333
500 41.667
1000 83.333

How to use the inches-to-feet calculator?

As you can see it can be difficult to convert inches to feet because of the involvement of decimals. So, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag if you want to get the units converted without mistakes and quickly.

  • Insert measurement given in inches
  • This calculator will automatically show you measurements in feet

FAQ | Inches to Feet Calculator

How many inches in 5-5 feet tall?

There will be 60 inches in 5-5 feet tall.

What is the ratio of inches to feet?

The ratio of inches to feet is 12:1.

Is every foot 12 inches?

Yes, 1 foot is equal to 12 inches.

How to write feet and inches?

To write a measurement in feet, we need to write “ft” while we need to write “in” to show a measurement in inches.

How many centimeters are in an inch?

2.54 centimeters will be equal to 1 inch.

How many inches are in a yard?

36 inches is equal to 1 yard in length.

How many feet in a mile?

In 1 mile, 5280 feet will be involved.

How many feet are in a yard?

3 feet will be included in a yard.

How many feet in a meter?

In 1 meter, 3.20 feet will come.

How many inches are in 6 feet?

As 1 foot equals 12 inches. So, 6 feet will be equal to 72 inches.

How many feet are 72 inches?

6 feet will be equal to 72 inches.