Inches to Yards Calculator

Units conversion is one of the most common tasks for a Mathematics student. It is also common to perform this conversion in professional aspects of this field. The reason is some people use a specific unit of length like inches while others use yards to measure the length. It makes the conversion process common in the field.

Don’t you know how to convert inches to yards? If you don’t know, you can use this inches-to-yards calculator that doesn’t demand proficiency in this task. This maths calculator will enable you to convert any measurement from inches to yards within seconds. Want to learn about this tool and the concerned units? Keep reading, we are going to guide you about both these units in detail.

What are Inches?

It is a specific unit of length that is particularly used for measuring small lengths. An inch is a US customary unit that is particularly used in this region of the world. This particular unit is neither based on any SI unit nor derives from any unit in this system.

But we can still convert it into different units like yards as well as SI units like meters. To show a measurement in inches, we only have to write “in” just beside the number. It means we have to write 13 inches like “13 in”.

What are Yards?

The yard is another length-measuring unit that is also part of the US customary unit. This unit is used for relatively bigger lengths because it is comprised of multiple feet and inches. It is normally used to measure the size of sides of a plot, field, or anything like this.

You can write any length in this unit by writing “ yd” with the number showing the measurement. For example, if you want to write 23 in yards, you have to write it as “23 yds

Inches to Yards Formula

As both units (inches and yards) are used to measure the lengths. We can interconvert these units using the following formula/relation.

1 yard = 36 inches	

We can also write it as:

1 inch = 1/36 yards or 0.0278 yards	

How to convert Inches to Yards?

By using the above relationship, you can easily convert a measurement given in inches to yards. For the sake of your understanding, we have solved an example here.

Example 1:

Convert 267 inches to yards.


As we know,

1 inch= 1/36 yards	


267 inches = 267/36 yards 	
= 7.417	

Inches to Yards Calculator Conversion Table

Inches Yards
1 0.0278
2 0.0556
5 0.1389
10 0.2778
20 0.5556
50 1.3889
100 2.7778
500 13.889
1000 27.778

How to use the Inches to Yards Calculator?


If you have complex measurements to convert from inches to yards, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. This calculator has a simple interface that you can understand easily. Here are the steps that you have to follow for using this tool.

  • Insert the measurement given in inches.
  • This calculator will automatically convert the measurement to yards and show it on your screen.

FAQ | Inches to Yards Calculator

How many inches are in a yard?

In 1 yard, 36 inches are included.

How do you convert inches to fabric yardage?

To convert a measurement from inches to yards, we have to divide the measurement by 36.

Is 180 inches equal to 5 yards?

Yes, 5 yards will be equal to 180 inches because 1 yard is 36 inches.

What is the relationship between yards and inches?

The only difference is that inch is used for small lengths measurement while a yard is used for large lengths. But both units are used to measure the length of any object, line, or shape.

What is the scale of 1 inch to yards?

The scale of 1 inch to yards shows that 1 inch will be equal to 0.0278 yards.

What is the ratio of 18 inches to 2 yards?

The ratio of 18 inches to 2 yards will be 1:4.

How many yards are in 100 ft?

There will be around 33.33 yards in 100 feet.

How many yards in 100 m?

100 meters will be equal to around 109 yards.

How many yards are 50 feet?

In 50 feet, around 16.667 yards will be covered.