Meters To Centimeters Calculator

To interconvert basic units of length like meters and centimeters, this meters-to-centimeters calculator is the best online tool. This calculator will help you in converting a length given in meters to centimeters with a single glimpse. It is designed particularly for those students who are unable to remember the relationship between these units.

As both units belong to the SI system of units, that’s why it is common to get questions related to their conversion. If you are unable to remember the relationship between meters to centimeters, you should use this maths calculator. It will perform this conversion with a pre-programmed algorithm to avoid mistakes. Let us tell you more about this conversion.

What are meters?

It is the SI unit of length that is used to measure the size of any object. Meters are normally used to measure the length of a side of a box, room, and other objects of this type. As this unit belongs to the SI system of units, it is used widely all over the world.

A meter is a base unit that derives multiple units of length including kilometers, centimeters, and others. To check if a measurement is given in meters, you need to check the symbol written with the measurement. Yes, the symbol “m” is written with the measurement to show it in meters.

What are centimeters?

A centimeter is a smaller unit of meter that is defined as, “It is the 100th part of a meter”. As “Centi” means “hundred”, that’s why it is called centimeter. Centimeters are normally used to measure the lengths of small figures or objects like figures drawn on a page.

Like other units, it also has a particular symbol used to show a measurement in centimeters. If you see “cm” written beside a measurement, it means that its concerned unit is centimeters. As this unit is based on the meter, so, we can interconvert these units by following a relationship written below.

How to convert meters to Centimeters?

To convert a measurement from meters to centimeters, we have to remember the following relationship between these units.

1 meter = 100 centimeters	

We can also rewrite it as,

1 centimeter = 0.01 meters	

For your ease, we have also solved an example here.

Example 1:

Convert 23.45 meters to centimeters.


As we know,

1 meter = 100 centimeters	 
23.45 m = 23.45 x 100 cm 	


= 2345 cm 	

Meters to Centimeters conversion table

Meters Centimeters
0.1 10
0.2 20
0.5 50
1 100
2 200
5 500
10 1000
20 2000
50 5000

How to use meters to centimeters calculator?


To make this conversion simple and accurate, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. Here are the steps that you can follow to use this calculator.

  • Insert the measurement given in meters
  • This calculator will automatically convert the measurement to centimeters

FAQ | Meters To Centimeters Calculator

What size is 1 m in cm?

1 meter will be equal to 100 centimeters.

What is the relationship between centimeters and meters?

A centimeter is the 100th part of a meter or we can also describe the relationship as, “100 centimeters will combine to make 1-meter.

How do you explain meters and centimeters?

Meters and centimeters are length-measuring units used to measure the size of different lengths.

What are meters centimeters called?

All units based on meters belong to the Metric system including meters and centimeters.

What are 42.73 meters to centimeters?

42.73 meters will be equal to 4273 centimeters.