Meters to Feet Calculator

Length unit conversion is a common task because the different system of units has various units to measure a length of an object. It is difficult for a student to remember all relationships between those units. One of the most common conversions is from meters to feet. If you are unable to remember the relationship between these units, you should use the meters-to-feet calculator.

This tool has been programmed for this conversion in particular. Using this maths calculator, you can convert any measurement from meters to feet within seconds. It will convert your given measurement with accuracy. Let us tell you about this tool as well as the method to convert one unit to the other.

What are meters?

A meter is a base unit from the SI system of units that is used widely in the world. The meters are used to measure the length of standard objects, sides, and shapes. On the basis of this unit, multiple extended units are derived for large and small measurements including Kilometers, Centimeters, etc.

A measurement can be written in this unit by putting “m” on the right side of the number. As it is a base unit, we can convert it into different units of length from the SI system as well as from other unit systems.

What are feet?

A foot is another unit of length but it belongs to the US customary system of units. Yes, it doesn’t belong to the SI system of units which makes its use limited. The Feet are normally used in western countries for measuring the length of fields, rooms, and others.

To show a measurement in this unit, we have to write “ft” just beside the number showing the length. It means we have to write it as “25 ft” if the length is 25.

Meters to feet formula

As we have mentioned that meters and feet both are used to measure the lengths. So, we can easily convert a measurement from meters to feet. Here is the formula you have to use for this conversion.

	1 meter = 3.281 feet

We can also rewrite it as,

	1 foot = 0.3048 meters

How to convert meters to feet?

By following the above relationship, you can easily convert a measurement given in meters to feet. For your understanding, we have also solved an example here.

Example 1:

Convert 23 meters to feet.


As we know,

	1 meter = 3.281 feet 


	23 m = 23 x 3.281 ft
	 = 75.459 ft 

Meters to Centimeters conversion table

Meters Feet
1 3.281
2 6.562
5 16.40
10 32.81
20 65.62
50 164.1
100 328.1

How to use the meters-to-feet calculator?


For some students, it may not be easy to perform this conversion manually. Here are the steps to use this tool by Calculator’s Bag for all those students.

  • Enter the measurement given in meters
  • This calculator will automatically convert the length to feet

FAQ | Meters to Feet Calculator

What size is 1 meter in feet?

In size, 1 meter is equal to 3.281 feet.

How do you convert meters to feet?

To convert meters to feet, we have to multiply the measurement given in meters by 3.281.

Is 3 ft longer than a meter?

No, 3 ft is smaller than a meter.

How do you measure 1 meter?

There are different approaches to measuring 1 meter like using the fingers of your hand.

Is a meter bigger than a yard?

Yes, a meter is a little bigger than a yard but it is considered the same as a yard in small measurements.

What are 100 meters called?

100 meters is called a centimeter which is another smaller unit of length measurement.