Meters to Kilometers Calculator

To measure long distances and lengths, we can’t rely on meters or inches. Some units are based on these basic units to measure the lengths of large spaces or objects. One of those units is kilometers. As both units are connected, so we can convert one unit to the other. Don’t you know how to do so?

Want to make this process automated? You should use the meters to kilometers calculator as this tool has been designed for this purpose. This maths calculator can convert your measurement from meters to kilometers within a fraction of a second. You only have to insert the measurement and get it converted quickly. Here we will show you how this conversion takes place

What are meters?

It is a base unit of length that is used particularly to measure the size of standard or medium-sized lengths. Meters are normally used for medium-sized objects like tables, windows, and screens. This base unit is used to measure the length of the sides of such objects or bodies.

Many derived units are based on this particular unit of length. All those units are used according to the size of the length or side we want to measure. To write a measurement in meters, we have to write “m” which is a symbol of meter in Mathematics.

What are kilometers?

It is a derived unit that has been derived from “Meters”. Kilometers are used to measure the length of distances, particularly between two points or places that are far apart from each other. This unit is used to measure the distance between two states, cities, and even countries.

As this unit is not used for household measurements, we can only see this unit on roads, highways, and other such places. To write the distance between two or more points in Kilometers, we have to write “Km” just beside the number showing the measurement.

Meters to kilometers formula

To understand the formula, you first need to know the relationship between these units. A Kilometer is a bigger unit of meter that is used to measure distance. In Mathematical terms, a meter is the 1000th part of a kilometer or we can say a kilometer is equal to 1000 meters.

	1 meter = 1/1000 kilometer

How to convert meters to kilometers?

By using the above relationship, we can convert the measurement from meters to kilometers. Here is the solved example for your understanding.

Example 1:

Convert 17890 meters to kilometers.


As we know,

1 meter = 1/1000 kilometers	


17890 m = 17890/1000 km	
= 17.89 km 	 

Meters to kilometers table

Meters Kilometers
100 0.1
200 0.2
500 0.5
1000 1
2000 2
5000 5
10000 10

How to use the meters to kilometers calculator?


To convert measurements from meters to kilometers quickly, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. It has a simple interface and can be used using the following steps

  • Insert the measurement given in meters
  • This calculator will automatically convert it into kilometers

FAQ | Meters to Kilometers Calculator

How much is 1m to 1km?

1 meter is the 1000th part of 1 km.

Which is bigger 1 kilometer or 1 meter?

1 kilometer is a bigger unit as it involved 1000 meters.

What is 1 kilometer equal to in meters?

1 kilometer is equal to 1000 meters.

What are 10 meters called?

10 meters is called 1 Decameter in Mathematics.

Is a meter bigger than a yard?

A meter is a little bigger than a yard but normally it is considered to be equal to the yard for small measurements.