Meters to Miles Calculator

From an educational viewpoint to professional work related to Mathematics, unit conversion is a common task. No doubt, you can convert basic units easily from the same system of units. But it will be difficult to interconvert units from different systems like SI units to US Customary units. Do you want to know about the most common unit conversion from this category?

You should read about the meters to miles calculator on this page. This calculator will help you in performing this conversion quickly without making a mistake. Also, you will be able to read about this conversion method in detail. Keep reading to know about the working of this maths calculator and manual conversion from meters to miles.

What are meters?

Meters are used to measure the length of a standard object or shape. It is a base unit that belongs to the SI system of units and is used normally for medium-sized lengths like the side of a room, windows length, door length, and others.

Normally, we take measurements of clothes in this unit. Multiple length-measuring units have been derived from this base unit that is used depending on the size of the shape/object. To show a measurement in meters, we need to write “m” along with the number showing the length. The measurements given in this unit can be converted to other units including miles.

What are miles?

A mile is another length measuring unit that belongs to the US customary system of units. It is not used commonly but is used particularly in Western countries. Miles are used to show the distance between two distant objects, cities, states, and points.

For example, we use miles to show the distance between Virginia and California instead of meters. To show the distance in miles, we write “mi” just beside the number showing the distance. It means we have to write 254 miles as “254 mi” because “mi” is the symbol used for miles.

How to convert meters to miles?

o learn the method to convert the meters to miles, you need to first understand the relationship between these units. It will help you in understanding which unit is bigger than the other and how you be able to convert measurements given in meters to miles.

1 meter = 0.00062 miles	

It shows that the mile is a bigger unit as compared to the meter. So, we can also write this relationship as:

1 mile = 1609.34 meters	

Now, you may have got an idea of how to convert meters to miles. For a better understanding, we have also solved an example here.

Example 1:

Convert 2000 meters to miles


As we know,

1 m = 0.00062 mi	


2000 m = 2000 x 0.00062 mi	
= 1.24 mi 	  

Meter to Miles Conversion Table

Meters Miles
100 0.062
200 0.124
500 0.31
1000 0.62
2000 1.24
5000 3.1
10000 6.2

How to use the meters to kilometers calculator?


If you don’t want to mistakes in the conversion from meters to miles, you should use this online tool offered by Calculator’s Bag. This tool has a simple interface that you can understand to use it. Here are some steps to follow for using this online maths calculator.

  • Insert the measurement given in meters
  • The tool will automatically convert the measurement to miles

FAQ | Meters to Kilometers Calculator

How many meters make a mile?

Around 1609.34 meters are combined to make a mile.

How long is 800 m in miles?

800 meters will be equal to around half a mile. For precision, it is equal to 0.496 miles.

Is 1600 m the same as 1 mile?

1 mile is a little bigger than 1600 meters. So, we can say that it is about equal to 1 mile but not exactly equal to 1 mile.

Is 2 miles equal to 5280 feet?

No, 2 miles is equal to 10560 feet while 1 mile is equal to 5280 feet.