Midpoint Calculator

It is not always easy to solve geometrical problems as you may be feeling confused when comparing them with general mathematics. For example, midpoint calculation may be easier for you when you are dealing with integers. But it will become difficult when you have to find the midpoint of a line.

To make this process easier too, you should use a midpoint calculator. This online handy calculator has been designed to find the central point of two points or a line. Using this maths calculator is also pretty simple and easy which makes it suitable for every student. You don’t need to use complex keys or steps. Read on till the end to understand the working of this online calculator.

What is Midpoint?

In geometry, Midpoint is a specific point on the line joining two points that can be considered its central point. We can also define the midpoint as the simple central point between any two points, objects, or sections.

But normally, the midpoint definition is stated in terms of line segment because it is simple to understand. In simple words, when two points are joined in the x-y coordinates, the central point of the segment will be called its midpoint.

What is Midpoint Formula?

Like other solutions in geometry, a specific midpoint formula can be used to find this particular point. As it is the central point, so, we can say that it is the average of the points involved. But the method to find the average is a little different from integers.

Here is the general formula to follow in this regard.

Midpoint (x,y) = (x1 + x2/2 , y1 + y2/2)	


  • x1 and y1 represents the coordinates of the first point.
  • x2 and y2 represents the coordinates of the second point.

How to find Midpoint?

You can easily find the midpoint of any line segment using the above formula. If you are unable to understand how to do so, you should check the following example. It will help you in understanding the process properly.


Example 1:

Find the midpoint of (3,6) and (7, 12).


We can define the above data in the following format:

x1 = 3	
y1 = 6	
x2 = 7	
y2 = 12	

Now, we have to put the values in the above formula.

Midpoint (x,y) = (3 + 7/2 , 6 + 12/2)	
Midpoint (x,y) = (10/2 , 18/2)	
Midpoint (x,y) = (5 ,9)	

So, the midpoint of (3,6) and (7, 12) is (5,9).

How to use the Midpoint Calculator?

Using this online tool by Calculator’s Bag is simple because of its user-friendly interface. Follow these steps to use this maths calculator.

  • Insert the coordinates of the first point.
  • Insert the coordinates of the second point.
  • This calculator will automatically show you the midpoint of the inserted points.

FAQ | Midpoint Calculator

What is the midpoint of 0,2 and 2,8?

The midpoint of (0,2) and (2,8) is (1,5).

What is the midpoint of 0 and 5?

The midpoint of 0 and 5 is 2.5.

How to find the midpoint of two points?

To find the midpoint of two points, we have to add the x and y coordinates of those points and then divide them by “2” separately.

How do you find class midpoint?

To find the class midpoint, we have to add the lower-class and upper-class limits and then divide the resultant by “2”.

Can a midpoint calculator find the midpoint of three or more points?

No, this midpoint calculator can only find the midpoint of two points.

What is the significance of the midpoint?

The midpoint is useful for finding the central point of any segment that is equidistant from both ends. It helps in solving various daily life problems as well as mathematical problems.

How to find the midpoint of a line segment?

To find the midpoint of a line segment, we have to find the coordinates of its points first. Then, we can follow this formula to find its midpoint.

Midpoint (x,y) = (x1 + x2/2 , y1 + y2/2)