Proportion Calculator

Calculating unknown values from two equal ratios may be easy for you but it is not easy for all. Every student has to struggle to understand the process and find their concerned value. Such a relation between two ratios is called a proportion. To make this process easy, you can use a proportion calculator easily with a few steps.

This maths calculator has been designed with a simple interface to let everyone feel comfortable while using it. You can easily use it and solve different problems related to proportion. Doesn’t matter whether you have a complex problem or a simple proportion-related problem, you will be able to solve it using this online tool.

What is meant by Proportion?

Proportion is a mathematical term used to show the equal relationship between two ratios. In simple words, it is a particular relationship that shows the given two ratios are equal to each other. To show two ratios in proportion, two different symbols are used that are given here “::” and “=”.

For example, if you have two ratios p/q and l/m which you want to show in proportion, you can write it as, p/q:: l/m or p/q = l/m.

How to calculate a proportion?

As both ratios involved in a proportion are equal to each other, so, we can solve the problems related to this statement using simple methods. The simplest approach that we can adopt in this regard is cross-multiplication. It is because we have to separate the unknown variable from the given values to find its value.

Here we have solved an example by following the steps you have to follow.

Example 1:

Find the value of “x” if two given ratios are in proportion, 8:15:: x::5.


We can write the given ratios as, By dividing, we get the following factors,

8/15 = x/5	

To find the value of “x”, we have to multiply the 5 from its denominator to the other side of the equation.

x 8/15 = x 	


x = 8/3	

How to use a proportion calculator?

Using this proportion calculator is an easy task because of its simple interface and smooth working. Here are the steps you have to adopt for using this tool by Calculator’s Bag

  • Insert the first known value
  • Insert the second known value
  • Insert the third known value
  • his calculator will automatically show the value of the unknown fourth term of the proportion

FAQ | Proportion Calculator

What are 3 ways to solve a proportion?

There are three main methods to solve a proportion that are listed below:

1. Vertical

2. Horizontal

3. Diagonal (We call it cross-multiplication)

How do you write a proportion in math?

We write a proportion in Mathematics like “a/b = c/d”.

How do you solve a proportion problem step by step?

First of all, we have to identify the unknown variable from the given ratios. Secondly, we have to separate the unknown variable from other values using cross-multiplication or any other basic Mathematical approach. Thirdly, use required Mathematical operations to solve the equation and find the value of an unknown variable.

What are some common uses of a proportion calculator?

There are two common uses of a proportion calculator including the calculation of the unknown variable from a relationship and checking whether the given relationship is true or not.

Can the proportion calculator be used to solve non-mathematical problems?

No, you can’t use it for non-mathematical problems because it is a maths calculator.

Can the proportion calculator be used for ratios with more than two terms?

No, this calculator has been designed for solving problems with 2 terms in a ratio.

How does the proportion calculator handle complex fractions?

This calculator has an advanced algorithm with the help of which it can easily understand the complex fractions to solve them.

How accurate is the proportion calculator?

This proportion calculator is 100% accurate because of its efficient working and advanced algorithm.