Quadratic Formula Calculator

In Algebra, the most common problems or questions are related to quadratic equations. Multiple methods including factorization are used to solve those equations and get the values of their variables. The quadratic formula is one of the easiest ways to do so as it needs only the insertion of values and the basic mathematical operations.

But it can be hard when you get complex values at the end of the solution. It will not be possible to solve such values as they come under the square root. To deal with such problems, you can use this quadratic formula calculator. This online maths calculator has been designed with an algorithm to perform the calculation according to your input values.

What is the Quadratic Formula?

It is a specific formula that helps in finding the values of roots/variables of a quadratic equation. Using a quadratic formula, a student can easily find the roots of an equation that fulfills the definition of the equation.

Before understanding the formula, you should learn about the quadratic equation. A quadratic equation is a specific type of equation in which the maximum power of the variable is “2”.

Generally, this equation is shown in Mathematics as

ax2 + bx + c = 0	

Here, “a” and “b” represents the coefficients while “c” represents the constant number. Now, we can write the quadratic formula according to this general equation.

x = -b ∓ √b2 - 4ac/2a	

How to solve using Quadratic Formula?

As you can see the quadratic formula, you can easily solve an equation using it. If you are unable to understand the process, you can check the following example that we have solved for you.


Example 1:

Solve by quadratic formula: 4x2 + 7x + 2 = 0


We have to put the values in the above formula to find the roots for “x”.

x = -7 ∓ √(7)2 - 4(4)(2)/2(4)	

By solving this equation, we get the following two values for “x”.

x = {-1.39, -0.36}	

How to use Quadratic Formula Calculator?

You can use this online tool offered by Calculator’s Bag in a few simple steps. Follow these steps to find the solution of any quadratic equation using it.

  • Write the coefficient of “x2" in the first input box
  • Write the coefficient of “x” in the second input box
  • Insert the constant in the third input box
  • This calculator will automatically show you both values for “x”.

The results calculated by this calculator will be those values of “x” that will satisfy the equation.

FAQ | Quadratic Formula Calculator

What is a quadratic equation?

In Mathematics, the equation in which the maximum power of a variable is “2”, is called a quadratic equation.

How many roots does a quadratic equation have?

A quadratic equation can have a maximum of 2 roots.

What are the 3 quadratic formulas?

A quadratic formula can be written in 3 forms i.e. Standard, Factored, and Vertexed. These are called 3 quadratic formulas.

What is the most basic quadratic equation?

The most basic quadratic formula is the standard form of this formula.

What are the rules of the quadratic formula?

The rule for solving an equation using a quadratic formula is the availability of coefficients of variables and constant numbers.