Rectangular Prism Calculator

Learning about this particular geometrical shape is not common for a student but it has deep roots in professional Mathematics. For such professionals, it is important to learn different calculations related to this particular figure. Do you feel it is hard to solve this type of figure and perform different calculations related to it?

If yes, you don’t need to worry now because of this rectangular prism calculator. This online maths calculator will help you in finding all the necessary measurements related to this geometrical figure. Using this calculator can make the process fast and accurate at the same time. Learn about it here in detail

Rectangular Prism Definition

In Mathematics, this term is used for a cuboid that has all six faces exactly the same as a rectangle. Simply, a rectangular prism is a geometrical shape that is regular from all its faces and every face is similar to a rectangle.

A rectangular prism is a 3-D shape with length, width, and height in all three dimensions. Depending on the slight difference between the sides, this shape is divided into two main categories. One is called the right rectangular prism which is exactly a cuboid while the other is called a non-right rectangular prism.

We normally see this figure in real life but are unable to identify it because we don’t know about this figure. For example, a tissue box, a brick, a room, and many similar cuboids are examples of rectangular prism.

Solving problems related to this figure is an important task especially when you are working in real-life Mathematics. It will help in the calculation of different measurements like the area of the box, its volume, and others. With the help of this rectangular prism calculator, you can make the process easier, simpler, and faster as compared to the manual approach.

How to find Rectangular Prism?

Solving a rectangular prism to find different measurements isn’t difficult if you are proficient in this task. But you have to learn the formulas that you need to employ in this regard. So, we have written the formulas related to the Area and Volume of the Rectangular Prism.

Area of a Rectangular Prism = 2 [(width x height) + (length x height) + (width x length)]

The volume of a Rectangular Prism = length x height x width Keep in mind that the area will be calculated in square units while the volume will be calculated in cubic units. For your better understanding of these calculations, we have solved an example here in the following section.

Example 1:

Find the area and volume of a rectangular prism with measures of length 3m, width 7m, and height 9m.


Let us find the area of this rectangular prism first. For this, we have to use the above formula,

Area of a Rectangular Prism = 2 [(7 x 9) + (3 x 9) + (3 x 7) ] sq. meter

= 2 [63 + 27 + 21] sq. meter	
= 2 [111] sq. meter	
= 222 sq. meter	

Similarly, we have to use the above formula for finding the volume of the same rectangular prism.

Volume of a Rectangular Prism = 3 x 7 x 9 cubic meter

= 189 cubic meter	

How to use a rectangular prism calculator?

As you can see, it is time taking process to find the measurements related to a rectangular prism. But you can speed up the process and calculate these measures using this calculator by Calculator’s Bag. Here are the steps you need to follow in this regard.

  • Insert the measure of length
  • Write the measure of the width
  • Input the measure of height
  • This calculator will automatically show you the values of area and volume

FAQ | Rectangular Prism Calculator

What is the formula for a rectangular prism?

There are two main formulas related to a rectangular prism that is written below,

Area of a Rectangular Prism = 2 [(width x height) + (length x height) + (width x length)]

Volume of a Rectangular Prism = length x height x width	

What is the volume formula calculator for a rectangular prism?

To calculate the volume of a rectangular prism, this calculator uses the following formula,

Volume of a Rectangular Prism = length x height x width	

What do all rectangular prisms have in common?

All rectangular prisms must have congruent opposite faces.

What is the rule for a rectangular prism?

There are two main rules that a shape must fulfill to be a rectangular prism. First is that all faces are rectangular in shape. Secondly, all opposite faces must be congruent.

How many lines of symmetry does a rectangular prism have?

A rectangular prism can have three planes of symmetry in general.

How many bases does a rectangular prism have?

A rectangular prism has two bases that will be congruent and parallel.