Slope Calculator

When two points are connected via a line, it must have a ratio between the change in vertical and horizontal distance. In Mathematics, a specific term is used to represent that ration that is called Slope. Calculating the slope of any line isn’t a difficult task if you know the formula to do so. But it can be difficult if you don’t know how to utilize the given coordinates of the points.

In this case, you can use this slope calculator that has been designed for this purpose particularly. This online calculator can help you in finding the slope of any line with any coordinates instead of smaller ones only. Normally, you will feel comfortable while dealing with small coordinates and get problems with complex coordinates. This maths calculator can make the process smooth for you with all coordinates.

Slope Definition

In Mathematics, the slope is the ratio of the change in vertical distance to the change in the horizontal distance when two points are connected to draw a line. It is also called the ratio of rise to run as the change in vertical distance is called rise and the change in horizontal distance is called run. The slope is also represented by the symbol “m”.

This calculation is much important in different professional and daily life-related fields. With the help of slope calculation, multiple construction-related problems can be solved. A professional can take measures depending on this calculation to keep the building safe from natural hazards like floods.

Additionally, it can help engineers in minimizing the cost of their projects. A professional engineer or architect can use this measure differently for their projects in different conditions. Shortly, Slope can help different professionals in different aspects to get benefited.

How to calculate Slope?

As mentioned earlier, the slope is the ratio of rise to run. It means that it must have a formula in the form of a fraction. To learn how to calculate this measurement, you should need to learn the formula of slope first. Here is the formula you have to use for slope calculation.

Slope = m = y2 - y1 /x2 - x1	

In this equation,

  • y2” and “x2” are the coordinates of the second point.
  • y1” and “x1” are the coordinates of the first point.

If you are proficient in performing different mathematical operations like subtraction and division at the same time, you can find slopes easily. But if you aren’t proficient enough, you can use this slope calculator that can make the process easier and faster. But we have also shown an example here to let you know how to find the slope when two points are given.

Example 1:

Find the slope if two points with the following coordinates are given, (4, 2) and (7,11).


As we can see that the x coordinates of both points are 4 and 7 while the y coordinates of both points are 2 and 11. So, we only have to put these values in the above formula,

Slope = y2 - y1 /x2 - x1	
= 11 - 2 /7 - 4	
m = 9/3	
m = 3	

It means the slope between these two points will be “3”.

How to use the Slope calculator?

Sometimes, you may have complex coordinates for the points and want to find the slope between them. Doesn’t matter whether you are in a hurry or want to find the slope of larger coordinates, you can use this tool by Calculator’s Bag. It can be used by adopting the following steps.

Step 1: Enter the coordinates of the y-axis in the first required input.

Step 2: Enter the coordinates of the x-axis in the second required input.

Step 3: The calculator will automatically display an answer on the screen.

FAQ | Slope Calculator

What are the rules for slope?

The rules of slope depending on the input values we have. The simplest rule is to divide the change in the vertical distance by the change in the horizontal distance.

Does it matter in which direction you calculate the slope?

Yes, the direction is important when we are finding the slope. It is because the change in direction can reverse the final answer.

Can you flip the slope formula?

Yes, we can but it will give the opposite answer to the original slope of the line that we have found without flipping the formula.

How do you know which slope is greater?

The line with greater steepness will have a greater slope as compared to the line with smaller or lower steepness.

At what rate is the slope changing?

The rate of slope changes depends on the change in the vertical and horizontal distance.

Can a slope Be positive and negative?

Yes, a slope can either be positive or negative.

What makes a slope undefined?

The slope of a vertical line will be undefined because it is exactly straight and vertical to the x-axis.

How do you know if a slope is zero or undefined?

The slope of a horizontal line is zero while the slope of a vertical line is undefined.

Does a higher slope mean higher speed?

Yes, the higher slope means that the object is moving at a higher speed.