Square Calculator

Calculation of the square of a number is one of the most common tasks for mathematics students. Being a student, you will need to find it for solving simple numerical problems or geometrical problems, or calculations. No doubt, it is simple but in the case when you have smaller numbers to deal with.

To deal with larger numbers and find the square, you can use this square calculator. This online tool has been programmed to show you a square of any number within a single blink of an eye. Yes, you can find the square of any number with the help of this maths calculator. Read on till the end to learn about this calculator and manual method to find the square of a number.

What is a square in Mathematics?

In Mathematics, the square is the number that comes when a number is multiplied by itself. Simply, when a number is multiplied by itself, the resultant is called the square of that number. For example, the square of 3 is 9 because it comes when 3 is multiplied by itself.

To show the square of a number generally, we write two as the exponent of that number or alphabet. If you want to write the square of “x”, we have to write it as “x2”. Similarly, we can write the square of a number in an exponent form like this.

How to find the square of a number?

As mentioned earlier, the square of a number is when it is multiplied by itself. So, you can find a square of a number by multiplying it two times. Here is a solved example for your better understanding.

Example 1:

Find a square of 12.


We have to multiply 12 by itself to find its square.

122 = 12 x 12	
 = 144	

How to use the square calculator?

Using this tool by Calculator’s Bag isn’t difficult. You have to follow these steps only to find the square of any number using this online calculator.

Step 1: Enter the number in the first input box

Step 2: It will show you the square in the second box automatically.

FAQ | Square Calculator

Can the square calculator be used for rectangles?

No, the square calculator can’t be used for rectangles because a rectangle has two lengths of different measures.

How accurate is the square calculator?

This square calculator is 100% accurate and you can use it for finding square of any number.

Can the square calculator handle complex or fractional measurements?

Yes, this calculator can handle complex terms but not fractional terms.

What are the applications of the square calculator?

Using this square calculator, you can find the square of any number. Also, you can find the area of a square because it comes out when the length of a side is multiplied by itself

What is the easiest way to find squares?

The easiest way to find a square is by multiplying the number by itself.

What is the square of 8?

The square of 8 is 64.

What is the square of 1?

The square of 1 will remain 1 because when 1 is multiplied by 1, it gives 1 as the answer.