If you want to ascertain the resultant answer of a number when it is multiplied two times by itself, you can use our cube calculator.

In algebraic mathematics, a square is the resultant number acquired when a number is multiplied two times by itself. For instance, if x is any number, then a square can be represented as x2. Suppose if an “x” is equivalent to 10, then the square of a number 10, then 10 × 10 equals 100. Therefore, the square of a real number 10 is 100.


Formula of Square Calculator

If you want to find out the square number spontaneously, you can use our calculator, or to determine it manually, you can use the representation listed below:

Square = x2 = (x) × (x)


x = Any real number


For a more precise understanding of a concept, let us solve an example below:

Suppose if you have two numbers, x and y, equivalent to 5 and 15, then find out the square of each number individually.

Given data

x = first number = 5
y = second number = 10

To Find

Square of x and y = ?


To find out the square of x and y, we will use the formula listed below:

Square = x2 = (x) × (x)
Square = y2 = (y) × (y)

Putting values in the formula:

Square of x = 52 = (5) × (5) = 25
Square of y = 152 = (15) × (15) = 225


To find sum of squares, you can use our Sum Of Squares Calculator.

How to use the Square Calculator?

The steps to use the square calculator are as follows:

Step 1: Enter any number in the required input field.

Step 2: The calculator will automatically display an answer on the screen.

Calculator use

You can use our square calculator in various mathematical principles to find out the resultant answer instantly. Moreover, you can use a square to represent units, such as cm2, etc.